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MX Records and DNS Records

Hi, i want to use Google to read my mails. There it says, i have to change my MX records and create a CNAME "". I made these changes on my registrars website. But it still waits for confirmation.

I wanted to ask that do i need to change these records via Frihost. If i have to change on Frihost, how can i do that?

I tried on DirectAdmin, but it said "You haven't got permission", what must i do.

My registrar is Yahoo. Waiting for advices. Thanks to you all.
You should only have to do this with your domain registrar.

I would have thought that" Wating for confirmation" was just waiting for you to reply to a confirmation email. Ensure your contact email is not one from the domain you're modifying! Not only is this a good idea in general, but especially if you're changing MX records Wink
my contact email is from Gmail, and that "Waiting for confirmation" thing is MX record control thing. So it can not pass that, because i can not change MX records from Frihost.

i have changed the mx records on Yahoo, and added a CNAME.

And I can access my mails from frihost webmail service. but i want to manage my mails on google.

how can i do that? is there anyway to change mx records from frihost DirectAdmin? Who gives permission?
halilibo wrote:
how can i do that? is there anyway to change mx records from frihost DirectAdmin? Who gives permission?

If your registrar doesn't give you the ability to edit your DNS zone - you should use a third party DNS provider like or
You need following,

1. Control over your DNS records (CNAME, MX Records).
2. An account registered with Google (which you already have).

Google will ask you to add a cname -> to your domain, this allows them to confirm that you own the domain and you are authorized to make changes to it.

Next you have to wait till the DNS entry is propagated, in my case it took about 5 hours, however in most cases it should be less than that, once google DNS servers can see this number in your domain records, they will switch on mail receiving for your domain automatically. Obviously you should already add google MX records to your domain i-e

MX yourdomain -> ASPMX[xx].L.GOOGLE.COM

After this step, you just need to wait till everyone on internet can see these records, they will start sending mail to google MX servers which will then forward the mail to your mailbox at google. This entire process can take upto a day to complete. However if you can not get mails after that then either you have done something wrong with DNS or something else is broken.

Hope this helps.
i think, i could not explained what i really need.

I did everything for MX records which Google needs, on my registrar. And using frihost for hosting. so i used Frihost NS's.

But it did not worked because I am using frihost and it does not allow me to change the DNS records. how can i change them on frihost?

Or is that not allowed on that server?

Thanx again for your posts.
Nameserver (NS) records are for web traffic, Mail Exchange (MX) records are for mail specifically.
You want your two NS records set to the two frihost nameservers and then the MX record to point to Google.

You shouldn't need to use CNAME, it just tells the DNS query to lookup this name instead/as well. When I set up my domain to use Google Mail I did not need this, but Google may have added this as a security feature since then.

I don't think I changed anything on Frihost at all. Your mail should never get to Frihost's servers (unless it is sent from there, which did cause me problems) provided the MX record is set.

Frihost is not your domain registrar so has no control over these records at all. You only need to tell it your domain name so that the nameservers know whose webspace to serve up.

I'm not sure how or why it's trying to get "authorisation", unless it's what sheedatali is referring to. Google seems to agree:
These are my settings on Yahoo Domain Control Page.

MX Records Settings:

MX Records

MX records specify the servers that power your email service. Learn more.

Mail Server Host Name: Priority:
MX Records modified from default. Services may not be hosted by Yahoo! 10 20 30 40 50 60 70

My CNAME for mail.******.com subdomain as Google wanted.

A and CNAME Records

Use A and CNAME records to manipulate host names. Learn more.

Type: Source: Destination: Actions:
A Record ******.com Yahoo! IP Address Edit | --
A Record www.******.com Yahoo! IP Address Edit | --
CNAME Record *.******.com Yahoo! Hostname Edit | --
CNAME Record eposta.******.com Edit | Delete
CNAME Record mail.******.com Edit | Delete

And my NS settings to host my site on FriHost:
Type: Hostname:
Name servers have been modified from default. Services may not be hosted by Yahoo!

My website works fine, but i can not use Google as mail site. Google can not get mails. when i type http://mail.******.com it goes a Apache Default web site. and i dont think that Google gives me PHP Hosting. Because of the mail.******.com CNAME record.

and finally my dns records on Frihost DirectAdmin

Name Type Value Select
cp A
ftp A
localhost A
mail A
******.com. A
pop A
smtp A
www A
******.com. NS
******.com. NS
mail MX 10
******.com. TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all"

my domain name is changed with ******
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