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Politics in Pakistan

Circumstances are very rough and tough in Pakistan in these days. Fears of war are really weird. We know what all popular and notorious (sorry to say) politicians say about war and each other. Perhaps they only need a chance to dumb each other. In all that circumstances, nobody cares what a common man says or wants. Pakistan Politics is not less than a game or really a dirty game.

We can see people stating on all popular channels, we ready to go for a war. Is it reality? I think all popular news channel only need vulgarity and hypes. Majority of Pakistani people are already on war, war for bread, war for education, war against poverty, waqr against open main holes, war against bomb blasts, war against tribal areas, war against our brothers.

Pakistan Politics is beyond imagine or exception. People in Pakistan need bread, jobs, peace, and they always get false statements. Whenever I turn on my TV, I watch GEO, ARY, AAJ, EXPRESS NEWS and then in 5 minutes, I came to know that all of them aired a new or an even first of first. WOW! That is not less than a war. Who knows what is happening actually? No doubt, all Pakistani are not afraid of war against India. I think this war might be much easier to fight as compared to all other wars which all Pakistanis are fighting. At least people know at least who is their enemy and against whom they are fighting.

Politics of Pakistan is the most difficult politics on this planet, this is purely my own thinking though,. We have different syndromes here. I think each human has his/her own war against his/her own enemy. Governor and chief minister of Pakistan have their own wars to fight against each other. Who Cares! This is truth, who cares
Are the fears about civil war in Pakistan? Or about concerns about the Taliban? Or both? What kind of war is feared and does this involve all of Pakistan, as Pakistan is quite a big country?
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