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What's your Major, Intended Major, or Field of Interest?

Title says it, what is your major, intended major, or field of interest?


Mine is: biology, cellular biology.
Dunno about my major yet, hell I'm still in high school. But I do know the field I'm interested in is computer science/computer engineering.
I'm a mechanical engineering major. It hasn't gotten too hard yet but I'm sure it will soon enough.
bs in mechanical engineering........ still looking for a job though (graduated dec. 0Cool.. and for the guy above me, stick it out! the work gets pretty tough, but if you really want to do it you'll make it
Computer science for me, but I don't know what I'm going to end up doing. I'll graduate next year, then try to get any job I can which earns me a living.
Currnetly doing Computer Engineering for my undergrad, although I may get my Masters in Computer Science. I still haven't done much of the Electrical Engineering part of Computer Engineering to know what I really want to focus on.
Computer is my all .
Entomology and ecology.
Mine is computer science, although this field consumes much brain!!
Electrical Engineering... specializing in integrated circuit based systems development and integration. That's just my field of work though.

In science it's important to study as much of everything as possible, physics and math being the basis to everything.
graphic design/marketing/advertising/multimedia all of that and a bag of chips
I was in a Humanities Faculty, Majoring English Embarassed
Definitely something to do with Physics and Math.

Most probably Engineering but I'm also looking at:
- Astrophysics
- Physics
- Theoretical/Mathematical Physics
- Applied Math
- etc.
yuichan wrote:
I was in a Humanities Faculty, Majoring English Embarassed

You should think of your self as a special and rare person. Studying english is good. This word needs more than just engineers Smile
goutha wrote:
This word needs more than just engineers Smile

Why yes this world does need English majors to counter balance everyone else's literary mistakes.

No hard feelings Goutha Razz I just thought that was humorous.
jinger89 wrote:
goutha wrote:
This word needs more than just engineers Smile

Why yes this world does need English majors to counter balance everyone else's literary mistakes.

No hard feelings Goutha Razz I just thought that was humorous.

indeed. Very Happy
I'm a computer science major as well Smile

For some reason I am surprised that a few people said computer science. There are very few computer science majors in my university (in relation to the total school population, around 20k). In all my years of surfing the web, I've noticed that a lot of people confuse plain old computer programming with computer science, which are not the same thing. It is only an aspect (a branch or whatever...) of computer science (knowing 10, 15, 20 different programming languages doesn't make you a computer scientist! Shocked ) It doesn't sound like that is the case in this post. I guess there a lot more geeks in this forum than I thought.
Software Engineering, Network Techie, Graphic Designer. Already have some experience in all 3 of those things, might as well go with one of them Razz
comparative human development.

still not sure what i'm gonna do with it Very Happy
I'm still in middle school Very Happy but I'm interested in Software Engineering!

Math. People cringe when I tell them what I'm taking up right now. Smile
Cringe?? That's sad. I am impressed by you math majors. It is definitely not a easy major, the concepts and theories just go way over my head. I'll stick my biology that is not as theoretical and abstract Smile
Going for a computer science degree. I think web development is my thing Very Happy
Engineering Very Happy
Well I studied in Argentina, so there is not a major minor distinction...its more like a masters degree since its 5-6 years of ONLY science courses. But, Biology would be. Now I am also in school to get my Ph.D. in Neuroscience.
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Mine changed after starting university.

I started out majoring in Chemistry and not really having a clue what do as a minor, so choose Programming.

I graduated with a Major in Environmental Science and 2 minors in Geology and Chemistry, bit of a different place than where i started out...

If i could go back and do it all again however, i would major in Geology, i loved it, and now work as a Quality Manager at a Limestone Quarry
AAS Business Administration enrolled, I have no idea why but Accounting was not on my wish list!
I just registerd for my minor in law but I don't know what I'm going to do for my major.
have bs in computer science, for my major, probably artificial intelligence but not sure yet..
I studied TV production and physical education/coaching in college. Don't laugh, I was planning
on getting a job flying around to sporting events and getting paid to watch them.....lot of
guys would like that kind of job! Course it didn't exactly work out that way.
oh yeah, a minor in math as well.. =P
guissmo wrote:
Math. People cringe when I tell them what I'm taking up right now. :)

Haha... What a coincidence - same here. After people cringe, do they ever say, "Oh so you want to be a math teacher?" That's all I ever hear! It gets annoying! People hear that you're a math major and so they assume that you want to be a teacher. I do not want to teach and there are other jobs besides teaching. Math is quite useful...

P.S. It's not that I have anything against teaching, it's just that it gets annoying to hear every single person say, "Oh you're a math major, you must want to teach!"
Mine's pharmacy - must be a bit weird here Smile
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