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Creating a Blog in PHP - is it worth it?

So I've done some php stuff in the past and I'd like to get back into. I've been looking at Zend Framework and I'm excited to use some actual OOP, compared to what they had in php4. I was thinking of creating my own blog just as an exercise and, well to have a cool custom blog I made myself. Then I discovered WordPress and I'm torn. It seems very well designed, but I don't know if I want to make my own themes and plugins for it and be tied to the platform. It would be nice because it is well tested and secure, but I think I'd like more customization from the ground up. Is it worth making my own blog, or would it ultimately by useless?

Another thing is I'd like to eventually do a few freelance jobs on the side. Do you think that customers would prefer WordPress over something that I make?

I'll end up making the blog regardless, it's more of a question of, can I really get much out of it compared to wordpress (beyond learning)?
short answer: it's worth it, depends on how you look at it.

long answer: I'm at working, can't provide you long answer Twisted Evil
I think you should make your own. It provides you much more creativity.
And you get full credit.

And a php blog is not hard to make at all. All you have to do is generate html code and include it into the blog...


And Wordpress is very limited. You have to use their layout.
Raidation wrote:
And Wordpress is very limited. You have to use their layout.

No you don't o_O

What I did when I was getting into OOP was to rewrite one of my sites.

Three times.

I really did learn the best way to do everything after getting peer review -- every single time ^^
would it ultimately by useless?

beyond learning

Eehm then yes.

Comparing a CMS or blog on which hundreds of people have been working for years and with which thousands of people have been working for almost as long with something you created in less than one year is like saying you can build a soccer stadium on your own.

The only thing that could be an advantage is that you can keep the sourcecode closed, but I am not sure if that's such a big advantage. Especially not if you're working on it alone and are not a really experienced programmer, security expert and architect.
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