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Protect your PC

Many people just think that you should only have one AntiVirus or pop up blocker but You should have multiple, right. But this is my question I just odered parts for my PC to build and want to know the best and if possible the cheapest AntiVirus programs and popup blockers. Tell me what you guys use and how many AntiVirus and popup blockers do you have. Overall what is the best combination to protect your computer.
I have my Antivirus Firewall(ZAlarm)
Trojan killer(Ad Aware)
And Black ICE Wink
Think its enough Wink
I have Norton Internet Security 2005 .
it has has many security programs .
but ut has not anti spyware.
umm multiple anti virus....Don't bother.
Maybe if only one is active and the other is just for scans. Now for spyware there are a few that go well together.
Anyway, here is what I use-all free.

Zone Alarm
Avast! Anti-virus
Spyware Blaster
Spybot S&D
Nvidea Nforce Firewall on anti-hacking only

pop-up blocker? umm Firefox....I hope your not using IE, and if so, I hope it is a modified version that is secure.
i use NOD32 Antivirus System for protect my Computer from virus and trojan
and use Lavasoft Adaware SE to protect my computer for adware
I use Norton
It is not bad
But I think it is too slow!!!
juz uninstalled my NIS 2005, as I got damn fed up with it. takes up so much RAM, and it stops responding many times when i shut down. zonealarm is actually much better.

Firewall: ZoneAlarm
Antivirus: AVG Free
Antispyware: MS Antispyware & Adaware Personal
Norton Antivirus 2005 sure is a processing power sucking monster. It just scan too much compared to the previous versions.
norton really sucks the processing power and the memory too. i'm using avg antivirus, tiny personal firewall and super ad blocker pro. previously i used to use zonealarm security suite but the newer versions were consuming more and more memory and processing power. avg is really lite on the system and so is the tpf. sadblocker is a bit memory eater.
leodv wrote:
Norton Antivirus 2005 sure is a processing power sucking monster. It just scan too much compared to the previous versions.

I like norton2005 I had 2003 before and hated it but between the two I think norton has a bigger virus data base and norton scans everything email, downloaded files from p2p programs instant messengers I dont know if Mcaffee does or not and I have not used Mcaffee 2005 so I dont have anyway to compare! All I can say is norton2005 works for me and I have tried alot of other antiviruses!
There are obviously many choices out there. And you may wanna consider the deals you can get.
Personally I use ZoneAlarm. It is a perfect firewall and a pretty descent antivirus.
PC Magazine had an extensive review on antivirus softwares about a year ago. Based on that and my personal experience with antiviurs softwares I can say:
1- The most popular (and powerful) antivirus softwares are Norton, PC-cillin and McAfee.
2- Basically you don't need an antivirus if you are careful with email attachments and the websites you go to and if you use non-virus prone browser and email software (like firefox and thunderbird).
3- Google toolbar provides free and effective pop up block.
4- There are many online viurs scan tool available from virus developing companies.
5- you may wanna consider a free adware removal like spybot or lavasoft.

good luck
Symantec Antivirus - uses about 15MB of memory on average, at least in my experience. But I don't really notice any affect on performance.
I also use: Agnitum Outpost firewall, Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware.

Supposedly MS Antispyware is quite good but I'm skeptical about all Microsoft products.

Of the free antivirus software I've tried AVG and Antivir, but prefer AVG.

A few years ago I tried Zonealarm but I never really liked it and I've found Outpost to be good enough for my needs
McAfee is for me..

I also have anti spyware programs like SpySweeper, Spy Bot..

Well i guess you jst need to update often in order for your PC to be protected.
I personaly found Norton to be a memory hog and am using anti vir and black ice and my comp is lot better protected and anti vir catches what norton use to miss.
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