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First post

So, this is the requisite first post. Actually I tried one of these "post to host" fora before and I quickly got bored of the forced posting. It seemed like artificial conversation due the the forum membership. Hopefully, this time around will be more successful.

I'm interested in starting a blog using a flat-file based software called Flatpress. Wordpress and its like are recommended to beginners like myself, but I don't want to constantly worry about the security issues and the bloat of a full blown CMS. If anyone has recommendations for a light weight blogging platform let me know.
Hi microkosm,

They are alot of categories on this forum so you can post in the forums you like most (for example: I'll never post in politicsforum, but I have plenty of forums left to post in Very Happy )

But make sure you check out this site.

Enjoy your stay,

Yeah, i've already posted in several subforums of interest.

Thanks for that link as well. The following lite CMS's match my criteria of using flat files and xml-rpc for posting from external blog editors:


That's it. Yes i'm picky about bloat in software. Oh well, I'll try flatpress and see how that goes. Pivot is defintely interesting though.
Welcome to Frihost microkosm!

I was a little weary of the idea of "posting for hosting" when I first got here, but that changed very very quickly! There are so many different topics to chose from here I doubt you'll get bored very easily...especially if you a talkative old wart like me. Laughing

You will also find that the hosting services provided here meet or exceed those of many paid hosts, and I can't think of any other free host out there who's support can even come close to ours.

Have fun, and enjoy your stay here!
Ghost Rider103
Welcome to Frihost!

I think you will find this place is a little bit different than the website you described. There are quite a few high quality posters here that post for the community, and not for their hosting.

A lot of the people that come here only for hosting and try to spam there way to free hosting, are usually gone before anyone ever reads their posts anyways.

Hopefully you have a better experience here at Frihost than you did at the previous website.

Enjoy your stay.
I just recieved my hosting details. Thanks for the service. I won't put it to waste.
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