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Is it hard to get a job with decent pay?

It's roughly one week before I have my school holidays (two weeks break) and I'm planning to work and earn some money to go out etc. Is it hard to get a job with decent pay? Keep in mind with the world economic status and i'm still attending school at the age of 16 with not much experience in many fields.

I've tried contacting relatives but they all reply the same thing, we're not looking for workers.
It really shouldn't be too hard, although given that you're 16, I'd expect it to be less than $12 AUD/hour -- so it really depends upon what you think 'decent pay' is. Given that you can be replaced so easily in the jobs your likely to get into, you shouldn't have your expectations too high.

The best places to look would be supermarkets, perhaps IGA, Coles or Woolworths. Beyond that, shops such as Coles and K-mart are good. I'd personally avoid fast food outlets, although those may be an option too.

I can't really say too much on getting a job at your age, however, because at your age I completely leapfrogged those kinds of jobs and got professional skilled work (despite remaining in school).
Double digit is decent lol.

Thanks for the advice but how do you suppose I apply? Do I approach them face to face? I've never worked beyond a relative or school work experience/work placement so I wouldn't have a clue. Also do I need to bring a résumé? All I got there is SC cert, past school reports and a work experience award.
Basically, you won't need many qualifications at this stage -- although avoid putting minor stuff on here. Normally, you just go to either the HR (human resources) manager of a place, or ask one of the employees there for an application form.
This may be a far-fetched idea, but depending on where you live, perhaps you can teach English to people who are struggling with English as a second language? Start small, and find out where the communities in your area live, who may need extra help with English, or if you are strong in math or science, or any other subjects, offer to tutor them. You can offer them a combined package of taking them out on fun trips, or other outings and teach them the lingo on the go. It is not exactly baby sitting, but it could turn into fun if you organize it well. I used to do it a very long time ago. Once you have a success with one person, it could easily lead to referrals.

You could also combine a new hobby with work as well. If you are close to the ocean, you could help out people with boating trips, or diving trips. They are usually looking for beginners like you by trying you out first, and if you for example like diving, offer you courses as part of payment. Maybe you should start with where your interests lie and what excites you and work it from there.
In my country getting a job with decent pay is not easy. You must need to be higly skilled for that. Though some people earn lots of money from MLM or something like it. Some people also earn good money from stock bond. Actually people don't like much to do job for this reason.
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