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RHEL 5 not booting.

I have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Win XP as duel boot in my system. Inside win XP, i use "Ubuntu" for some testing purposes as virtual machine (running on VMware workstation). Yesterday i partitioned my virtual HDD of Ubuntu and after that, today i tried to boot to RHEL 5 and its not booting up. Its showing an error that a file is missing. I know that inside windows what ever i do, does not have anything to do with My duel boot RHEL. Still i can't help myself.
The error is as follows...

root (hd0, 7)
File system type is extsfs, Partition type 0X83
Kernel /vmlinuz - 2.6.18 - 128.e15 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet
Error 15: File not found
Press any key to continue...

Okay, this is the error it is showing. My kernel is missing!!?

i tried to search for the missing file "vmlinuz - 2.6.18 - 128.e15" using GRUB shell. The file is there inside (hd0, 7). i tried to mount the partition. But still its the same thing.

I have some important data under my linux partitions. So i am not much interested in reinstalling RHEL 5.
Could you post your menu.lst?

Are you using LVM?

Are you sure hd0 is your root?
I am not using LVM.
I have tried to locate the kernel. I found "vmlinuz - 2.6.18 - 128.e15" in (hd0, 7). Then i set the boot partition as (hd0, 7). Still its not booting up. The same error.
I have been able to access my Linux partitions "from cold" several times on earlier versions of RHL- I don't know if this still works:

Boot from a RHL x.x bootable install #1 CD/DVD. (Adjust the BIOS boot settings first if necessary to allow booting from CD/DVD)

At the boot: prompt, type (followed by Enter):

linux single root=/dev/hdxx initrd=

where /dev/hdxx is the system's root partition.

This boots Linux to single user mode, and allows you to see/correct what's in your Linux partitions.

Good luck!
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