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Any good free Access to SQl upsizing programs?

By chance does anyone know of a good program (thats free) to up size a Access database to SQL? I know altova has the trial that can do it but I was wondering if there were any other applications that can do this sort of work. I don't really see the point of paying for it though since using C# I could make one but I'd like to see if I can avoid that in the meantime.
Microsft SQL Server or MySQL?

Microsft SQL Server will do this itself, or certainly did in older versions I used to use.
welshsteve wrote:
Microsft SQL Server or MySQL?

Microsft SQL Server will do this itself, or certainly did in older versions I used to use.

Thanks for the help

Actually I did know about the Sql server up sizing, access 2007 also has that feature built into itself now for the same exact thing. Unfortuantely its MySQL that I want to send the database to, I know there are a few expensive programs that do convert to .SQL files thats why I was wondering about any free ones. Otherwise as I said I can make the C# program but I'd like to try to avoid that if possible.
How many tables and records are we talking about? Could you create the tables first, then create csv/text files from each table, then import the records into each table in phpMyAdmin?
Does the MySQL database exist, with the table structure in place ? If it does then you can simply link your Access database to its tables and write INSERT ... SELECT FROM queries in the Access environment to copy the data to the linked tables. Done that lots of times !
You could also use something like this to output to SQL. Then you can load it on any DB engine you like:

(I haven't tried it but it seems to have been used enough!)
Hm, not sure about any 'free' ones. but I'm pretty sure Navicat can import many many different types of files, including xml, csv, etc... not sure if the free editions have it or not though... or theres HeidiSQL which is free can do csv.
Thanks for the help on this, I figured there were a few people that already have done this before. I don't have access to the access file till Monday but I'll try some of your suggestions.

By the way since I had this in another email for the question about the records...
Six tables, five relatively small ones and one large table
16,537 Records Total

Thanks for the help
Hi all.

I need to know how to do something like this:

SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE requestnumber='XYZ-1234' ORDER BY entrydate DESC

But I need the results to be DISTINCT for requestnumber.

Also, although there may be many records with the same requestnumber, I only want to list the one with the most recent entrydate.

The * is intentional -- I need to extract all column values for each record.

I'm just getting my head around MySQL queries and this is a bit beyond me.
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