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GPS or Geotagging

Does anyone have a list of digital cameras who support geotagging ?

As far as I know Nikon Coolpix P6000 and P90 are on the market already as well as the iPhone, but I do not want to spend to much money on this camera too

would be cool to get any informations or a full list of Geotagging - Cameras of you guys, thanks !
I heard about ths "GPS Image Tracker" of Sony. It records the time, date and location whenever you take a photo. You can later add the GPS data to your fotos using a special software, but if you´re using an Apple Computer this will not be working I guess...
nobody seems to be interested in a GEOtagging digital camera I guess.... Sad
well, that´s probably why there are still not many geotagging cameras on the market. Because obviously nobody even seems to be interested in that kind of technology. Look up iPhoto '09 from Apple. There you´ll find how cool it is, to be able to organize your pictures by location.

I will be in Japan for 3.5 month and off course I will be traveling around. Wouldn´t it be great to be able to see the location informations in each foto I was taking. Therefore I wouldn´t have to worry about "oh, where did I actually take this foto"....

it´s a nice feature, but I do not want to pay too much for it. That´s why I started this blog about it, to be able to get an overview of what is on the market already.

would be cool, to get your comments on that issue Wink
i read about A-GPS but the geotagging doesnt seem to work if there's no network coverage! the normal GPS phone doesn't allow geotagging unless you go online. it takes hell lot of time to get connected to.

who has the time to sit for hours and browse the net and apply the settings for each photographs anyway.

besides, i dont wanna be taking a picture and waiting under a clear sky for 2-3 minutes to get the signal. may be some day when the technology gets better, i'll think about it.
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