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Season you love.

Your favourite season?

I like spring. because then all get a new life. Very Happy Summer is good, but then is so hot and i don't like it. Autumn is most disliked in my opinion. In autumn is so wet. Winter is also good, but only with normal temperature, snow and sunny days. Smile
^I love autumn. I live in Louisiana (US), and although I love the culture here the humidity and year-round heat is horrible. The only time that I get a break around here is during the colder months, and winter sucks. So I'm stuck with September to November...
monsoon (rainy) season would be the one for me.. I also like winter, if I dont catch cold, that is... Very Happy
In winter it's cold .In spring there's hay-fever and autumn is windy and rainy.
I like the monsoon, especially the time when there are light showers, and the weather is cool and windy.
Fall Very Happy
since I live in the Caribbean we only have 2 seasons, wet and dry. I LOVE wet(rainy) season cause it makes me feel all cozy and stuff Embarassed
I have a feeling this is going to get locked because of the duplicate topic.

Anyhow, I love winter. Freezing cold doesn't bother me, hot...itchy, stuffy, intoxicating, smothering, blanketing heat does. Summer allergies too... spring and fall feel like the weather can't be consistent.

Winter is by far the best season.
winter, especially in ottawa, canada
I love winter.

The cold actually feels comfortable to me. Spring, there's these white flowers that smell HORRENDOUS. Summer, it's too hot. It's 110 degrees in California. Autumn, it's sort of...

In fact I love spring very much but unfortunately for me, no spring season in my country and too hot in summer, so I prefer winter because winter in my country not too cold. It's very comfortable climate in this season, not hot, not wet and also not too dry. Smile
I love the winter for snowboarding. The summer can be too hot at times (I hate when it's much more than 75F, and the 90s are horrible) but I like it. Still winter is my favorite.
spring is my favorite.... i live in texas so summers are really hot
I love the autumn. I live in a semi-desert land where there are few rains throughout the year. So the autumn is one the few moments we have a rain.

In addition, the season I hate most is the summer. Its too hot here in the summer and people here use air conditioners to cool themselves. Its the season that we spend extra $250 per month on electricity.
Fall (autumn) is my favorite by far. Crisp fresh clean air the myriad of colors that change our visual world. The fragrances of the harvest season and the wonderful clear views of skies.
I find fall invigorating and yet for me a time i find a sense of peace .
I am a fall person I feel better in the fall for some reason, Football season is iin the fall and the kids go back to school and give me my sanity back. I also love the fall colors it is the colors in my home!!
I love spring! The renewal of life. Like fall colors but knowing the cold to follow depresses me.
I love the month of February has just taken its step in and when we talk of February, we usually talk about the day of love. Yes, Valentines Day when everyone seem to fall in love all at once in a day. Red hearts and anything red accent every store. Red has become a symbol of love and affection. The prices of flowers go up from a hundred to even five hundred percent increase.
More people open to Valentines Day cookies while others on some other Valentine’s Day gifts. The season isn’t just for individuals celebrating their love for each other anymore. Businesses and companies have made this season an opportunity to sell items and corporate gifts fitting to the occasion like red shirts and gifts with red accents.For sure, the valentines season is for everyone to celebrate- not just for lovers but also for families who would want to celebrate their love for each and everyone of us .
Winter, on the basis that then I have an excuse for sitting inside all day and paying no attention to the weather anyway. Also hot food > salad after salad after salad.
my favorite season . . . by bluedoll

The season of change is best for me
for summer july is hot indeed
and you are waiting for rain to break that trend
and winter is cold, difficult and secluded
where you imagine an end is never forth coming
but season of change is always going in to it

I live in Sweden. Summer is beautiful. Winter is beautiful too, but not easy to live in Razz
I would vote for spring since all the trees are starting to green and nice rains get all the lawns and flowers looking nice.

Spring is also the perfect temperature as it is not to humid or hot. Wink
I think summer would have to be my favorite season. I hate shoes too much for any other season to be my favorite. Walking around barefoot with the grass touching my feet...feeling the sand between my toes walking along the beach... I hate winter, which makes no sense when you consider that I spend most of my time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, during the winter...

Well i live in Australia so its a wee bit different i like April to June and August to October (last autumn and early spring)
Gonna have to say Winter or Fall.... I love the cold. I seem to be able to sleep better when it's cold.
Spring or fall would have to be my favorite, since its not too hot or too cold. Including all factors I'd have to say spring, since fall is more prone to nasty hurricanes.
speeDemon wrote:
monsoon (rainy) season would be the one for me.. I also like winter, if I dont catch cold, that is... Very Happy

why do you link cold weather, it is not easy to do something outhdoor .
I love the rains especiallly after the sultry hot weather.
At least you feel cool and more efficient.
Summer makes me listless and lethargic.
I am an Autumn girl. I just love that it's not yet too cold nor is it too hot. Love it!
I love the summer time
I like spring time, especially end of April May. As well as autumn, mid September and October. April May are always good for new beginnings.
we only have wet and dry seasons from where I live. but I really like Autumn. it seems so serene. and the color change in trees is really beautiful.
Well, I love spring. I enjoy the re-birth of the nature.
winter all the way baby. i live in the northeast and am visiting florida right now. can't stand that. i gotta stay inside A/C and temp less than 75 every day. grr too hot
quite honestly I'm torn between spring and autumn, but if I absolutely have to choose I'd say autumn. The temperature is perfect, and the color all around is just perfect. Winter is far too cold, and Summer far to hot. I like my seasons mild, but I suppose that could depend somewhat on where I live...

May I suggest making this a poll? Smile
I want to experience winter Sad
(And now, a punny answer.)

3. Of LOST.
I never can't decide which I like better, the winter or the summer Confused
I prefer the winter, because of the ice skating and the snow ( a lot of fun)
And I prefer the summer, because of the sun en lying on the beach or something else near some water.

But I think I like the summer a bit more, because in the winter it's sometimes cold, without snow or ice.
I like and dislike all seasons for different reasons.

Like: Fresh snow always looks so pretty and perfect.
Dislike: Sometimes it drops down to temperatures that are unbearable. Winter lasts for 6 months and becomes very boring and I get sick of it.

Like: All of the snow melts and plants start to green and come to life. It starts to warm up.
Dislike: Spring usually means a lot of rain which can put a clamp on any fun out door activities.

Like: I love the outdoors and this is the best season to spend time in the fresh air.
Dislike: Summer is too hot and humid.

Like: The changing color of the leaves is very beautiful and the cool weather is refreshing.
Dislike: Cleaning up all of the leaves that fall.
Spring. It's the most pleasant - although, temperatures seem to be rising every year. Smile
if summer wasn't so hot i'd love summer. but i think winter is pretty fun. especially if it snows like crazy and piles up in front of your house so you can go sledding
I love the summer Smile Sure, it's a little hot, but hey - no school Very Happy And I live on the sea, that's nice Wink
mmm I really like spring and summer. But most of all I like the transition between the two.
i love summer no less
So, summer will be soon over, only one month to enjoy this year summer (in northern hemisphere).
Autumn is coming and I hate this, wet and leaves fall down and etc...
I'd like to be in southern hemisphere. Weather comes more and more warmer.
Utopia GFR
It's kindda hard to tell.

I really like winter but I also enjoy autumn and fresh mild weather Smile

I can't stand high temperatures; this applies to all seasons but more specifically to summertime.

I dislike it when I can't reach deep sleep because of the heat or when beads of sweat roll off my forehead.

One inconvenience during wintertime, the fear of catching a cold or just freezing because your home heating system ain't working anymore Sad

What I really enjoy the most about winter is the whitening of the whole landscape Smile

cemica wrote:
Your favourite season?

I like spring. because then all get a new life. Very Happy Summer is good, but then is so hot and i don't like it. Autumn is most disliked in my opinion. In autumn is so wet. Winter is also good, but only with normal temperature, snow and sunny days. Smile
Summer fo' sure
my favourite season is summer because of holidays. woot!
sum12nv wrote:
my favourite season is summer because of holidays. woot!

only one or two season would be tired to me. i love all the four seasons!
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