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My latest Webdesign

What do You think about this webdesign Wink ?

Took me 2 hrs to make
It looks great. Wink

However, I think it would look better if the colors were a little darker. Just looked like too much contrast to me.
Very nice, very nice... you might want to link directly to the image though, to avoid confusion like the last post.
I don't think it very contrasting
It looks very fresh and clean, simple to use
seems to suit it purpose
Looks neat! I would work a little longer on the background, though. Some (very light coloured) texture or nuance... something like that.
it looks great! Its very simple though. nothing really stands out.

i think it can be improved

but looking very nice now-

so keep working like this...

hopefuuly u will improve
Ghost Rider103
It's not bad. The colors are a bit dull though.

The footer also is cheezy looking, I'd change it if you still have the chance.

It's ok, nothing too special, but it's not bad at all. I would also change the "username" and "password" boxes as they also look a bit cheezy.

Any reason why you used an image from iStockphoto without buying it? If I were to use an image like that, I'd either buy it or find a free one I could use that doesn't have a watermark on it like that. Especially if it's client work.

Good work though, keep it up.
Most doctor websites are dull and cheesy, who's going to trust a doctor with a bunch of confusing Flash's on their site? I wouldn't.

Good job!
Ghost Rider103
A website that is not dull does not have to have flashy things on their website. Or even use of flash for that matter. In fact, most doctors don't use flash because flash is not SEO friendly, nor is it user friendly. That is the real reason why flash is not used on doctor type websites.

I personally wouldn't trust a website that looked extremely dull and cheezy. It would make me think that whoever owned it hired a cheap designer to create something really quick just to get the website up. Leading me to think this person is a joke.

I've been in this business for over five years, and have in fact done a few local doctors websites. I've never once heard them say they want their website dull and cheezy... They want their website professional and clean. Professional designs are in no way dull, or cheezy.

I wasn't calling his design cheezy, just his footer looked a bit cheezy. Theirs nothing wrong with this website at all and the average person wouldn't see the things I see. But I'm a designer and I'm going to C&C on every little detail. It's not me being an ass, but it's me helping another fellow designer to help make their designs flawless in the future.

Once again, keep up the good work.
I see this is perfect .. ignoring the istockphoto watermark.. (BTW I think you can find similar or at least suitable stock photo to use for free .. just some search may get it to you)
this is funtastic
It looks very nice but it seems a little too light. Make the words on the navigation a little darker so there is more contrast and is easier to read and see how that looks. Very Happy
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