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A New and Upcoming Forum For Xbox users.

Boasting, events, competitions, meet new gamers, find a clan and much much more.

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These Message boards a premium and have been fully paid for by myself, this place will be popular with your help!

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Very good forum. I like that you've chosen to use SMF over PhpBB, which shows you're not just another one-week fluke. I love the layout. The Xbox at the top is pretty cool. And it's simple, but not plain (if that makes sense). I also like that you're active on the forums and don't assume an administrator role and just let the user be. And the non-game section at the bottom is a good plus, because everyone needs a break from the games sometimes.

Overall, I'd give it 8 out of 10. I tried to find something to say to make the forums better, but I couldn't. The only reason it is an 8 instead of a 9 is because it isn't a forum I can see shooting off to the top, but I could be wrong. And that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea, just that as of right now, I can't see it taking off. So prove me wrong, do some advertising, and get in touch with me when you've reached the 500 user mark Wink .
I appreciate your feedback.
I have a lot of experience with forums, especially gaming forums. I think that it will grow day in day out. I advertise it a lot anyway, and have spend $120 on Adwords to promote it.

Word of mouth will be the most powerful anyway.

I will come back here when we have 500 Members. What you need to know is, we don't want to get big quick. Too quick anyway, we're happy being a nice small community for a while.
All these other 360 Sites never got 500 members in a month, nevermind two. So we'll see.

I have faith in my creation. There are going to be a lot of updates soon too.

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