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Where were you when....?

I was a bit mixed up as to which forum to post this in, then I thought "I can always move it later if need be" (it's nice to be a Moderator Laughing ).

Anyway...It appears that different generations are marked by a famous death. For my parents it was "Where were you when you heard Kennedy was killed?", for my generation it was "What were you doing when you heard John Lennon was murdered?" It is fast becoming apparent that this generation will be marked by Michael Jackson's death.

So that is the question, dependent on your generation, can you remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard of the above famous deaths? Or what other famous deaths do you think have really made a mark in time?

For me...I was outside freezing my butt off in Dec. 1980 with 2 of my friends waiting for my car to warm up so I could turn on the heater when I heard on the radio that Lennon had been murdered. His death signaled the end of an era for us.
Princess Diana - My grandparents house, hearing it on the radio
Steve Irwin - My mother told me early in the morning
Michael Jackson - Friends text me and emailed me to watch the news late at night
Princess Diana - My house watching the news on TV. I told my mum but she didn't belive me until she saw it herself.
Steve Irwin - News on TV again
Michael Jackson - In bed with my brother shouting it around the house. I checked on the BBC website from my iphone rather than getting up!
Princess Diana - I heard it on the news when I was watching tv at my place
Steve Irwin - I heard it on the radio when I was on my work
Michael Jackson - I've heard it on my work at 7 am
OK... Im gonna date myself here.

Bobby Kennedy: watching I dream of Jeannie on TV in my parents living room.
Martin Luther King JR : again in my parents living room
Elvis Presley: Driving down main street in my home town with my best friend.
John Lennon: walking in the door to my aunts house and it was on the news that morning.
Princess Di : working night shift at a hospital which had a tv in the lounge area and it came on as breaking news.
3,000 dead on 9/11: getting ready for work and watching the news and drinking my coffee.
Steve Irwin: at work
Farah Fawcett: at work
Michael J: at work
Princess Diana - Sitting in my grandmas sandbox, making sand-cake^^
Michael Jackson - In the car on my way to the A-Levels party.
Princess Diana - I was just waking up
9/11 - I was at school. Everybody was trying to get in the room with a television on the CNN channel...
Michael Jackson - Going to bed and I couldn't believe it...
Ugh, ****** Michael Jackson. I don't even remember how I heard about it much less what I was doing.

But when I found out Billy Mays was dead, a couple hours ago? That moment will be marked on my psyche foreeeever!

Crying or Very sad
^ I agree Smile

I seriously just found out about it. On this forum, actually.

Pity, really. It was totally unexpected. I'm actually more surprised about this that Michael Jackson Confused .
Good thread. I have a couple that immediately come to mind! One was when Princess Diana got married. I did not get to watch it as I was working and had too much to do, but almost everyone I knew took time off from work to watch all of it on TV. In a way that was great, as it gave me some timeout to catch up with work. Her passing was big stuff, but did not make as great a mark as her getting married.

Michael Jackson's passing for me personally eclipsed that of Princess Diana's wedding and passing. That was almost like a personal loss. How I got to hear about it is when I was looking for news on the passing of Farah Fawcett Major and then got the news of his passing instead. It is quite strange, as like everyone else, I must have taken his presence for granted and not realized how much he meant to me until he was gone. It was just too early, too sudden. So yes, in a few years time when we are thinking back about this moment I would probably say that I was working in the Emirates at the time, it was our weekend, I was at home trying to catch up on news of Farah Fawcet and then this came out of the blue.
Michael Jackson: at work, checked the news and read about it there
Steve Irwin: dont remember
Princess Di: at my nan and pops house for lunch
Peter Brock (iconic australian racing driving): had just woken up (at about 3 in the arvo - been working night shift) and my mum was at my house cleaning for some reason and i walked out and she said "brocks dead"....i nearly fell over Sad
oh and 9/11, i woke up at like 6 in the morning, and my mum and sister were up staring at the TV and ive walked out and theyve both said, "world war 3's started" and just as they said that the 2nd tower fell

my sister was going to america about 2 weeks later, so she was more than a little freaked out
I've heard it while traveling by car two or three hours after he was transported to emergency. The news were confirmed later.
l was at Mc D's about MJ
Stevie Irwin, watching CTV News Net in the morning.
hmmm...good topic btw

I was really too young or unaware to remember who died when...however....

I was walking from my work area and into my bedroom when I glanced at the television and saw something about him being taken to the hospital. I immediately logged into TMZ for the updates and phones my husband (who adores MJ).

I cried Crying or Very sad
a month ago our former president passed away in south korea. His life was so dramatic. when he was young, his family was really poor so he couldn't enter a college. but he never gave up his big dream. so he passed law examination. (it's very difficult lawery system wtih western country. at that time there were only 100 person who could passe the exam a year). Then he became a judge, but he didn't keep his job for long time. Because there are many reasons but it'll take long time to explain them here.
anyway, he became a successful human right lawyer and a member of paliament.
he had faced lots of trouble during period of paliament. he got through them well.. at last he became a president and retired from politics. but some politic enemies(?) never stop attacting him. at last he suicided a month ago. a lot of people were sorry. over 1 million visit his home to say sorry during funeral. many people asked themselves "where was I when he died, what was I doing when he'd suffered?"
Princess Diana - don’t really remember…. I think my mom was watching tv late at night and saw it. Then in the morning she told me

9/11 – I was a senior in highschool and the first class I had was off campus. So I was riding in the car with my friend back to the main campus and we were just listening to CDs. So when we got out of the car, we saw someone else who drove back to the main campus (who was listening to the radio), and he told us. At first I had no idea how bad it was. Then I got inside the school and quickly saw it was a huge deal. So as I walk to my 2nd classroom someone in the hallway told me the 2nd tower fell. At the time I didn’t really understand what he meant…. I will never forget that day…

Steve Irwin - I can’t remember exactly where I heard this one

Michael Jackson- I was upstairs in my house and my sister yelled from downstairs that he died.. she saw it on the internet

Billy Mays- I was upstairs and my dad yelled from downstairs… he saw it on tv
Ohh yeah... and Heath Ledger- I don't remember exactly where I was, but it was a huge shock for sure!
Princess Diana - I was at home listening to BBC when I heard that the princess's car smashed in a tunnel.
Micheal Jacson - I was having a fun in the beach, then a friend called me via my cell phone and told me that MJ is dead.
9/11 - As usual, I was a follower of Venezuelan TV Series called "Mis 3 hermanas (My 3 sisters)" through a TV called MBC. When I switched the TV on, the first tower of TT was burning. I thought it was a movie first, then I found it was true when I got the LIVE sign on the corner of the screen.
Steve Irwin - I don't know.
Antonio Puerta (FC Sevilla/Spanish Footballer) - I was aware he was hospitalized, but later I read his shocking death through GOAL.COM
Not an impressionable moment for me. People sadly pass away everyday. If is not someone in my circle of friends/family, why care? My heart goes out to anyone that has lost someone (we all have). Me, I won't die. I have already faded away.
i was sitting on the couch with my fiancee when i heard about mj

i was watching late night tv for diana

who the hell cares about steve irwin?
In the morning , when I open my computer , Michael Jackson's death news pop up as headline news , I could't beileive myself .
For 9/11 I was on my way to school. I believe I was in second grade.
For MJ's death, my little brother's friend called my bro and told him his mom was watching the news and it said Michael Jackson had died. Then we all turned the TV to CNN.
Then I found out Billy Mays was dead when I happened to look at his wikipedia page.
I was in the gym when I heard of Michael Jackson's death! I was running on the treadmill and watching/listening to the TVs in there and the one I was closest to was set to the news. I was so shocked/sad I almost tripped over my own feet.
Michael Jackson: I was driving home from work when I heard it on the radio.
9/11: I was getting ready for school when my dad called and told us to turn on the TV.
Billy Mays: On my way to work.
well dont know much about the famous deaths, but yeah, the attacks on Bombay(Mumbai) in november, '08 surely left a mark on India, and Indians..

similar was the case of the 2004 Tsunami..
these inscidences will always be remembered..
well it will be nice to tell in advance that the following incidents might not be 100% correct. anyhow...

michael jackson: I was preparing for my exam in my room when I heard the same on a news channel.

kalpana chawala: I was in the mood of going for a restaurant for a dinner when I saw the news on TV, anyhow I went to the boon's for that pani ke batashe

rest dont remember
What? Michael Jackson died?????????????

I was at a dinner with my mates from work when someone announced that. First I though it was a joke Razz So the guy do medical exams so he could do the concerts, is approved and then he dies, hummm
Michael Jackson:I woke and and saw it on the tv
Steve Irwin: Can't remember
Princess Di: at school
Peter Brock: driving around and heard it on the news.
9/11 I had just woken up with my ex gf and heard it on the tv
Tsunami : I was on a bus headed in the direction where the Tsunami had struck.

Michael Jackson : Was facebooking and saw a friend's status msg.

Twin towers : Channel surfing on tv - thinking there's nothing to watch ...
I'll never forget exactly where I was when I heard that a plane had hit the towers - I was on my way to biology, and I overheard somebody talking about it.

I didn't believe them.
On 9/11 I was in French Class at high school and my teacher ran in with a radio saying "someone flew a plane into the Pentagon!" Then I got the news from the radio.
9/11 - at work in my comic shop. A customer came in and told me.
Michael Jackson - at home working on my computer
Steve Irwin - I don't remember exactly. I think that I heard rumors from customers at my shop and started checking on news channels and online. I was a huge Steve Irwin fan but I can't remember exactly what I was doing when it happened.
Princess Diana - watching tv news
9/11 - some friends called me and asked me if I would enrole if it was needed
Michael Jackson - my girl called me and told me. I was on the way home
Michael Jackson - when I entered my sister's room the morning I woke up. I just realized he died on my birthday. that morning when my sister told me about it was not my birthday though. I guess it's the time difference, or prolly heard it late.
After reading all of these posts I realized that there were many different events to mark history than just the death of a celebrity, although that was what prompted me in my original post. I had completely forgotten about the Twin Towers (how can anyone forget that), the start of the war, and many other items.

Why is it that we seem to remember the truly horrific parts of history and forget any of the really good things that have happened? As I write this I am honestly trying to think of something good that could be used as a benchmark for history...and I am coming up short. Sad

Can anyone think of some really positive events that should be used as a milestone for history?
Lennon, 1980, was walking to the local park (swings/roundabout/see-saw etc) after leaving my Mam's house seeing on the news he had just died [officially], we were sad but then some girls came into the park and we were distracted and made a play for them instead...such is life!
...still remember the day though
John Lennon. I was watching Monday Night football and - of all people - I had to hear about John Lennon's death from Howard Cosell. I disliked Cosell already because a few years earlier had said a teams loss was much like Rocky's in the movie (and I hadn't seen it yet or learned the ending). It bugged me for a long time that I had to hear about it from him. I loved John Lennon.
Vrythramax wrote:
Can anyone think of some really positive events that should be used as a milestone for history?

Where were YOU when you first heard that there were mother****ing snakes on a mother****ing plane? Laughing
Nameless wrote:
Where were YOU when you first heard that there were mother****ing snakes on a mother****ing plane? Laughing

Laughing Laughing

I do remember! I was at a friends house watching a college football game and the commercial came on....we both thought it was a joke! As it turned was (the movie anyway). Very Happy

Nice change of pace....Thank You.
kriszara wrote:
9/11 - at work in my comic shop. A customer came in and told me.
Michael Jackson - at home working on my computer
Steve Irwin - I don't remember exactly. I think that I heard rumors from customers at my shop and started checking on news channels and online. I was a huge Steve Irwin fan but I can't remember exactly what I was doing when it happened.

It was a very tradgic end for steve erwin. I remember How I kept watching his shows on television which had some deadliest of creatures, from crocs, snakes to huge animals as well. Even other people in my family were even glued to the sets.

He was truely a very brave man. I dunno how can such a brave person got killed by a fish. That fish must have been in a terrible mood.

Anyhow hats off to the brave guy!
For MJ, I just woke up, about to go to school, my dad was watching TV and I heard the announcement.
probably the biggest thing was what happened on 9/11... our entire school was testing that day and the faculty didn't tell us until after testing was finished...... so we found out around 1 that day.. the rest of the day is kind of a blur
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