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Do You Dota?

Do You Dota?
I do and im fully pro as!
 10%  [ 2 ]
i do and ill never stop
 35%  [ 7 ]
Nope, but i will now!
 5%  [ 1 ]
NO WAY!!! i'll never play it!
 15%  [ 3 ]
Nope, but i might play it
 10%  [ 2 ]
I used to =(
 25%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 20

Do you play dota?
Its the most played game in my school!!XD
i play it.
Dota IS Warcraft III The Frozen Throne and is awesome. It allows you to pick a hero and battle it out to defend the World Tree or Frozen Throne.[/b]
I'm not really astounded if DotA would be the most popular game in the school.

When you search in Google four letters, it isn't really accurate but searching for the word, "DotA" in Google, now that just proves that it's that popular.

Just my two cents here... I guess. Lol.
Of course I do! I mean which stereotypical Asian doesn’t play DotA? It is one of the best games to play when you are with friends. My whole school plays as well (lol) and even some of the teachers know how to play. Counter Strike as well (rofl).
lol everyone is saying i do and ill never stop tats like so tpical of asians. asian invasion!
Yeah I DOTA, I've been playing for 2 years now, on and off. The game is continually updated so my interest stays; it's a pretty good game.
i'm learning to play DOTA. but it is realy difficult to control the game. hic
however, i will try to learn. i think DOTA it a good straregy Game now a day.
I play it quite a lot, just not well :p
I hope I learn to play it better soon
Cheetah wrote:
I play it quite a lot, just not well :p
I hope I learn to play it better soon

Yes. we must practice so much.
there are so many Funtion of the Game i have not controled yet.
I think I've tried to quit playing DOTA once... I've also heard many people say, "I'm quitting DOTA"... Guess what? 1 or 2 weeks later they're back at it clicking madly and mashing hotkeys Very Happy

Also, anyone playing the new OMG DOTA maps?
i used to play it alot Very Happy, really fun and addictive map, just got bored when my pals moved somewhere far, its really much better playing it lan, where you can shout and thrash talk alot and after the game, you just talk about how they sucked and played badly lol

better look up Heroes of Newerth too, its dota to the next level Very Happy
Yes, I do! I started to play two months ago, but there was no time >tours, work< to play it more intense.

I started from playing lan, but soon I understand, that it's hard to ferret out in everything.
Now, I want to complete the campaign and check out all the heroes, then I'll play DotA on Garena again Wink

But I truely can recommend this game to everyone interested in fantasy games! Cool
Well I have to say that Ive been playing DotA for way to long, since version 3.xx. Before Ice Frog took over in updates and creation. It really has come a long way since it started out and is continuing to be better. Now that they have branched off and started a retail game to sell to the public called League of Legends. That game is pretty much Dota on its on scale. It has many more heros to play with a lot of different abilities to use. The map is pretty much the same with 3 different lanes to lane in with creeps, jungle and roshan.

I think the best way to explain it is a mix between World of warcraft and DotA. It seems to have a good idea but Im not sure how popular it will really be with the price tag of $30.00 to buy it.
i used to play Dota a lot but i got bored over it after the countless days playing it Surprised
yeah, i play dota too,several years.
i start play dota when i was a high school sophomore.
with lots of friends.
DotA, no. I've never really liked the unforgiving nature of DotA/HoN, and I probably won't be particularly fond of DotA 2 if it's the same way. I'm a huge fan of League of Legends though. I've been playing that since it went into open beta.
i have been playing dota for almost 3 years since my college. its really good game competitive. too many skills that you need to learn and try to practice. and every time you will have different conditions.
Just recently in middle of my work and quit it for weeks. poor Sad
Im turning 29 and still addicted to it. I have this addiction to learn all the heroes. Despite the years in playing, im still not a pro though. I just enjoy it.
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