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What is a healthy diet?

Can anyone tell me what a healthy diet is for me? What should I eat and when should I eat it?

I am a healthy, athletic man in my 20's I weigh about 80kg (13 stone, 182 pounds). I am active and like to think also (I need brain food).

I have problems with my sleep and I think a nice routine of healthy food would help me. Espescially if I don't eat late at night. (I find it hard to get to sleep is the prob).

I need energy also to keep up with my active life.

So... anyone have any healthy diets (and balanced) for me? I can cook so I can prepare food that requires preperation and cooking!

Also any recipies? lol

A good nutritionist can help, but if you are looking for something quick, maybe common sense adjustments can be made. Such as having three square meals a day with a good balance of protein, carboyhydrate and good fat. And two snacks in between also of good protein and carbohydrate content. Stay away from fast foods, and go for simple food such as eggs, chicken, fish, especially oily fish like salmon. Have plenty of low-density veggies, such as broccoli, spinach, all the greens, onion, garlic, coriander, parsley etc. fresh food. If you have a weak digestive system it is better to have all veggies slighly cooked, but not overcooked and to stay away from raw salads. Drink plenty of water, have as little as possible coffee if you cannot cut it out, green tea is a good substitute, with no cream or sugar. Stay away from fruit juices as they can be concentrated sugar. Small quantities would be OK but if taken with a meal, on an empty stomach they cause blood sugar to rise and drop. Also pop is not that good. They say olive oil is good for you, and I have had good results with organic coconut oil (bought from health stores). Coconut oil keeps very well, does not go rancid, and can tolerate high temperatures so is good for cooking.

Good to experiment when you plan your meals, as all people deal differently with food. Some of robust digestion can deal well with steaks, others do better on fish.

You will find yourself feeling really great if you can stay away from the obvious bad stuff, baked items, pastries, sugar, sweets, crisps .... the stuff with additives, too much of the white stuff, salt, sugar, etc. Grains should be eaten in moderations, small helpings, wheat is not always well tolerated by everyone, so good to experiment with alternatives such as oats, etc. I find I do really well with no grains, every now and then I have brown rice as part of a meal.
eat everything in moderation
excercise regularly, but not excessive
my gran used to say...everything in moderation...and even poison can be good, if in moderation and balance...lots of fruits, vegs dont hurt also..Wink
Please post some info abt gyming!!!!
eat what you will
The information about improving nutrition and solving sleep problems, that helped me, is posted on this website . The author is a physician. In not too quiet environment I had to use ear plugs, in addition to all recommended there.

It worth also to check the Fatigue section, if there is a slightest problem with energy levels.

Another thing: it is also important to try different kinds of recommended food, will it be meat or vegetables, and choose what doesn't create problems with digestion and actually calms feeling of hunger for a long time. This is very individual, and what works for one will not work for another.

Hopefully. it will be as useful for you as it was for me.
Good luck!
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