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Fallen for Two Girls

When i was young i had fallen in love with this girl.... I was 19 she was 23.... When i looked in her eyes for the first time i knew i was in love... I didnt know how to go about it. So I started to give her hints and clues that i liked her... at the time she was with someone and didnt want anything to do with me apart from friends.... so as time went by i didnt give up i was persistant... after about a year she had broken up with her boyfriend and went out with me... from our first date i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.... so life was good... we hooked up and we together ever sence..... well as time went by.. i was getting older and make new friends.. I turned 21 and had a great social life.. I was going out with friends and having a good time... well she wasnt really apart of all that.. she was more conservitive and not in to the bar or club scene... so as time went by and i was partying... i met someone. now this girl was really cute and me and her got along very well... we were like best friends from the start... but i was in love with my girlfriend..... we to cut the story short. I started hooking up with the other girl and ignored my gf... this went on for years ....

so now i broke up with the girl i fell in love with and hooked up with the other girl...

i cant get over my exgirlfriend and want her back in my life.. I still love her very strongly and think about her all the time most of the day..

I dont know what to do. its been so long that i have been with both of them in my life i love them both.. but i desire my ex so much....
im gonna be honest with you. Put yourself in the girls told this first girl that you loved her and she was devoted to you and you basically ****** her over. As expected she is pissed, that's human nature you would be too. Now knowing that you wouldn't want it done to you you still went ahead and did it. The only way to try to fix things is to let her know how you feel and if she doesn't consider what you have to say then you have to just accept it. You can dwell on it because deep down you know you don't deserve her after what you did and if she took you back shes going to think she is taking a risk. If things work out good you need to do everything you can to let her know how devoted you are if you don't wont her to worry about an unstable relationship.

Thats all i can say my friend.... now your the only one that can do anything about it so dont wait, get it over with.
I am sorry you have a gf now so why cant you let your ex to live a happy life with another one , It is just desire for you so it will take sometime and then you will lose both of them , at least be good to your gf and let her help you pass this together
No one is perfect, including yourself, however if you cannot stay true and loyal to your relationships, maybe you will never be able to settle down with any one specific. I don't see anything wrong with that as you are still young, except that you are putting such huge demands on yourself of saying to yourself and possibly the girl you are with, that that is forever. You've just proven to yourself it is not. Sad part is, usually your first relationships are templates for the rest of your life, unless you make a concerted effort to do think and do differently, you may end up going from one girl to the other, perhaps even marrying, and then cheating, if you continue in this way. In other words, it can get messy in the future if you do not straighten out your attitude towards your relationships. Perhaps neither of the two women are really the ones, except you want it to be so.
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