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Best freeware Application launchers

Would like to get some useful recommendations on freeware Applications launchers. I use the free version of free launcher for a while, and it is quite good, as it allows a pop-up menu style for each icon on the launch bar. However, I am unable to save the settings - only the paid pro version has this.

I then use STab launcher, but the startup is fairly slow during boot-up time.

Would appreciate suggestion and feedbacks on this topic.

With regards.
I don't exactly understand what you're talking about, by application launcher you mean dock?
Application Launchers are program that acts like the Start Button > Programs - to launch the application programs that reside in your operating systems.

Innovative application launchers uses other methods to start the software installed on your OS.

E.g. Free Launcher - uses the Quick Launch to pop up menu/sub menu for starting any of the installed programs in your OS.

I do hope, I have explained sufficient for all to understand.

With regards.
Try this you ...this is not exactly similar to what you mentioned but maybe it solves your purpose
I've used the launcher from stardock and it's nice, never gave me any problem, see if it suits your needs Wink
I use rocket dock. It is nice ,fast, and totally free. I think you can download it from punksoftware website.
Thanks for the 3 replies.

Stardock - 2 Firhosters and rocket dock - 1 frihoster.

I will definitely download both and try them out.

Thanks and I like the
I've used the launcher from stardock and it's nice, never gave me any problem, see if it suits your needs
from bloodrider.

Never gave any problem.

Thanks to all. With regards.

Will feedback in 2 weeks time.
No problem, we're here for share our knowledge!
Let us know how that two launchers are doing, as actually I'm not using none of them but if need some in the future it would be good to have a actualized opinion Wink
Both the dockers seem good for limited numbers of applications (e.g. less than 20).

I have far more applications that I use now and then, and they numbered over a 100.

I still find the PStart Application Launcher the most suitable for a large number of applications.
PStart is better than Free Launcher only because PStart has the option to backup settings into an XML file - which you can modify for another system, and it also serves as a backup. Free launcher allows Pop-up menu and submenus from the Quick task bar - this is very nice, but the free version has no backup feature, only the paid version True Launcher has.

PStart also has a pop-up menu with submenu from the Sys tray, and a panel that can be programmed to be displayed - I use the Top right hand corner to activate this PStart panel which is a Menu list with sub menus.

So, thanks for the advice on dockers, but due to my larger than usual number of applications, I will opt for PStart for the time being.

With many thanks.
i used the launcher from you can get it from here
That's what I first thought, well I tested stardock and rocketdock, I personally prefer Stardock, don't ask me why that's a feeling, with a bit of search you'll find some great things on their site ( or even on google
Yes, these 2 dockers are great stuff.

The real limit is when you have plenty of icons (short cuts) to be placed on these dockers.

Which one support sub-menu? So as to support a whole lots of applications that can be organised and launched from the docker?

I will like to know - e.g. you have 120 programs to be launchable from the docker. Which one can I use?

You could use Launchy or Find and Run Robot. These 2 I like most but there are also a lot of programs like these to choose from.
Thanks Spiritfall, I will try to search and download these launchers.

Will try them out, and feedback later.

Best regards.
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