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My one of favorite...


Shot it at Puskkar's just 11 km. from Ajmer(RAJASTAN,INDIA) comes alive during Puskar Fair, when people from all over Rajasthan converge at Pushkar with their cattle stock. Pushkar Fair is regarded as one of the largest camel festivals in the world. Celebrated in the month of October-November, Pushkar Fair attracts domestic as well as foreign tourist to Pushkar in Rajasthan.
Pushkar festival is not about camels only but it is also about horses, cows, goats, sheep and most importantly about the lively people of Rajasthan, who come to the Pushkar fair in their best attires. The festival looks like a riot of colors with men wearing colourful turbans and women in pleated ghagaras (ankle-length skirts) of different hues. The festival offers a wonderful opportunity to see the people selling and buying camels, goats, horses etc. Bargaining, negotiations and transactions remain order of the days during the festival.
Sporting events are other attractions of the Pushkar Fair. One can enjoy the camel and horse races during the festival. Camel beauty contest is another highlight of the festival. The beautifully decked up camels are paraded and then the most beautiful camel is selected.
Pushkar is a religious town and is one of the important pilgrimage centers of Hindus. Pushkar is known for the holy Pushkar Lake and the many temples that dot the area. Puskar is associated with lord Brahma and is the only place in India, which has a temple dedicated to lord Brahma.
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I would have loved to see that picture, but only her face. Her smile is amazing and I love the background, great colours
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