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So what really happened, how was Earth created?

Well i'm doing a biology topic at school and it's "Life on Earth". There are many different theorys as to how the Earth became the way it is today and I was courious if they all had some what a connection. There's one theory that made me laugh when I read about it and wasn't sure why it was considered a theory.

Spontaneous generation. HAHAHAHA <- - - How can something just instantly appear. Anyway here's what I think happened. Something called "Biochemical evolution" inorganic molecules to organic molecules which then formed membranes and eventually evolved to what we see today.

So what's I think, what do you guys think? What really happened?
Well if you're doing a biology project then you're really barking up the wrong tree. The formation of the earth has nothing to do with biology. That is covered by the fields of physics, chemistry, and geology. How life originated on earth is a field of study known as "abiogenesis" and that's more along the field of chemistry. How species emerged once life was here is biology and that topic is known as evolution. Evolutionary theory is an extremely explored topic that is well studied and supported by mountains of evidence. Much of how the earth was formed also has fairly strong theories/hypothesis. Different aspects are covered by different fields of science (for instance, if you were looking for the formation of the atmosphere - which can be quite interesting, you'd look to chemistry). The only topic so far that isn't well known is abiogensis. There are still many hypothesis and so far none has been tested (in other words, reproduced in the lab). But that doesn't mean that there isn't anything known about it. Scientists know how life on Earth could have originated, even if they do not know how it likely happened. I would suggest that you rephrase your questions to be more specific. You cannot ask broad questions like that and then expect nice detailed answers because there are hundreds and thousands of pages of research devoted to the broad questions that you have asked and I am sure that nobody has the time, or will, to type up in entire science book in a forum when you can easily find the information for free online or at a public library. Anyways, this was a long and unorganized rant (I am sorry that I didn't make this reader-friendly by dividing it up into nice paragraphs - I'm pretty tired as it is late and didn't feel like doing that).
I'm not doing a project/assignment. Yes i'm doing biology but in this current topic "Life on earth" includes theorys of how life on earth began. A simple, I think this is how it happened would of been nice also maybe some paragraphs would of been good too. My eyes hurt now, thanks.
There are many theories for abiogenesis.
Try reading the following wiki article and then come back with any specific questions and I'll see what I can do..

I have a particular liking for the 'black smoker theory' but that is simply a preference, not a scientific evaluation.

(If the language is a bit tricky then I can explain further if you point out the problems.)
i think it formed from the big bang. after the sun was created a lot of dust formed together to create the big bang. i hope that answers your question.
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