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Pokemon Jupiter

this is a pokemon Ruby patch and i thought it was cool, since it has golden sun characters.(sadly I can't play it since I don't have pokemon ruby Crying or Very sad )

In a faraway place only known as the Mynoan Civilization, a great Deluge threatens the Mynoan existance. It has completely flooded the civilization and all that exists is the highest point of the Capitol. Ivan and a mysterious man named Charon flee through a portal to the world of Pokémon...

Before they leave, Charon gives the instruction to Ivan to find him as soon as possible, as they would probably be seperated.

Ivan arrives on the beach of Route 300, which is near Aleph Town, and a man named Fabio Pink finds him unconcious. He brings him to his house, and lets Ivan stay there for a while. However, Ivan leaves to go north, where he finds a Pokémon Trainer named Rachel being attacked by a Pokémon. Ivan uses a Pokémon from her bag with ease, and defeats it. They meet up in the Aleph Town Bar and Grill to give the
Pokémon to Ivan. She then leaves to go west to Styxwater Town.

The rest is for you to discover...

(i can't post link to the patch sorry Sad )
You CAN play it.
Patches work by patching a game ROM, which you download. What you need to do is download the game from a website and a program called VBA (Visual Boy Advance) to play it.
Then download the patch and run it as described, and use VBA to play the newly patched game.

I'm just surprised that Pokemon games continue to move on, and continue to be worked on.
As long as there is kid's in the world, who watch the TV show and enjoy the concept, there will be nagging to buy the games. And if there is sales of the game there will be more generations and marketing and TV shows being made to promote the successful series.
I believe it will be around for a looong time. Or until they run out of ideas, I mean seriously, isn't 500 and something enough?
Hard to believe Pokemon is still running these days. I remember when I was just a kid I'd watch the TV show. But after ust a few episodes I soon got tired of the 'formula'.
To Raymond: yes that is true, but... that is not legal if you do not own a copy of the game.

to cheetah: that is true that the series will proabably never end and will live on forever.

To blk3: ya that "formula" is rather over used

To all:

see this vgcats comic :

see this one just for fun:
wow, i cant believe their still making additions to the series, and a patch to boot, last time i played pokemon on gba was crystal fire red i think xd
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