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Spam protection for contact form?

What could be spam protection for a Contact form?

For a person without php and cgi knowledge. User level: able to install and administer phpBB, customize free css template and use html - that's all. I was thinking about installing WordPress, make a page for contact, and use Akismet. Overkill, but I don't know anything better.

Any tips?
The solution with using Wordpress & Akismet will definitely work and will be spam free too. However it seems to be the very excessive way of creating the spam free contact form.

Maybe it would be worthy to try one of the captcha solutions, they are not 100% spam free, but will be much easier to apply and maintain.

Another thing you might try is flash contact form as most (if not all) spambots are filling html forms. The only downside of this solution are people with flash disabled on their browsers as they wouldn't see contat form at all.
Good luck.
I suggest throwing easy random questions into forms, EG 2+2=?, Are you a robot? Yes/No and make it so that the easy questions randomise their order, and that the answer is required... SIMPLES! haha
Thank you. And how to stop spam posting by humans, selling objectionable or unwelcome products?
Star Wars Fanatic
Crinoid wrote:
Thank you. And how to stop spam posting by humans, selling objectionable or unwelcome products?

Don't allow anyone to register on your site.

But seriously, you can't, you have to take it as you see it. You see a spammer, ban him. Delete his account, and block his ip address.
If humans are sending you comments selling you things, then thats just deranged, but you dont have to worry about it being content on your site...

You should apply a comment approval system for comments on web content...
The only comment approval systems I know are phpBB (not suitable for this forumless website) and WordPress (if make a static page). Contact forms do not have any protection from spammers, only captcha for bots.
I thought that Akismet could recognize spam words and filter messages containing them.

If any other form of free spam protection is available, can you give me its name?
Website is html/css, nothing more (so far).

Another thought: previously used Contact form (html interface) required registration to free form services behind it, otherwise form was not working at all. What mechanism should be behind html contact form, in order to make it work? As I said, my knowledge in this are is almost not existent... Wink Or any other way to add users' content to website. Need to know how it is called to read more about it.
I use php for my needs... you can find some very simple explanations on the script all over the web...

If things spring to mind, I will be sure and happy to add them to this topic Very Happy
Akismet is available as API to non-WordPress sites:

Keyword matching filter is much more elegant than CAPTCHA where:
- CAPTCHA images are getting insanely hard to read
- CAPTCHA is now spammable due to cheap labor in Russia
Thank you all! Now I can find more about that on the Web.
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