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It's Dads day, what would you give or do?

since today is dads day, i asked him to go out malling and its all my treat...hope these make him happy...
I'd like to wish all the Fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day!

I'd especially like to wish a personal friend of mine a very Happy Father's Day, he does so much for so many people.

I'm still thinking of what to give my dad. Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! ^__^
I gave him a book and going to my grandpa in the noon Cool
Happy Father's Day to all!! I'm carrying my father to dinner later with mom, aunt and a 2 other close friends. Chinese food hopefully Very Happy
Sorry guys but I'll give nothing and do nothing. This is just a commercial event. I have 364 days a year to make my dad happy and tell him that I love him...

Am I the only one who thinks this way?
i will buy the hims flowers

he acts tough but has a few soft spots
Sadly I could only afford to buy my dad a card. Me and my bro both wrote in it. I wish I could've saved up enough to buy him a real present. Oh well. We spent time with him, so that's what counts.
Never hurt him just make him happy and more happy.

Happy Father's Day To All... Smile
I didn't give my father anything, but we had a very nice dinner with the whole family. It was a nice evening. I should gotten him a card or something, but I didn't have the time and he doesn't really like cards anyway.
i bought him shoes, shirts, and surprise him a dinner that i myself made those foods..........he was totally you dad.... and happy fathers day to all daddys worldwide....
I gave my dad some chocolates, from around the World. I think he likes them Smile
As every year, I buy my father his favorite beer ;p I never thought of actually giving him something more, this beer became kind of a tradition on father's day ;p
i did not even know when Father's day was, and I'm feeling sorry that i missed it as i love my father very much, at that time i was sick and in hospital so was not even aware of it till i read this thread. hope I'll make it up to him as soon as i get well.
I gave my 2 pairs of socks, a tie and a high-end shaving cream. He's very thrifty, so he always uses the cheapest ones. Wink
On Fathers Day we went out for dinner, although the reason wasn't for Fathers Day it was still a nice evening and we all had a good time. Smile
I didn't do anything for Father's Day, I just stayed home mostly because I don't have a real father that cares about me, My Real father lives on the East Coast, My step-dad lives nearby but we barely talk anymore, so yea. X_X

anyways; my day has been pretty well that you can count on, I am going to collage well to a class on collage campus that is helping me get a job for free, and registering for collage for free. Razz
goutha wrote:
Sorry guys but I'll give nothing and do nothing. This is just a commercial event. I have 364 days a year to make my dad happy and tell him that I love him...

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

I don't think its only a commercial event. I think you should treat your dad good on all the other days too but having a special day is better than not having a day at all!
My family went out Go Karting and out to eat for fathers day. A great family activity is always a better gift than some useless and stereotypical present.
l gave my dad a car
i gave my dad a concrete squirrel for the backyard
I gave my dad a 12 foot tree pruner! It has a saw attachment and cutters! He loved it!
In my country, there is no fathers's day. of course, no mother's day.
there's only parent's day here. it's may 8th. usually sons and daughters give their parents a flower.
This year, my little son gave me the flower which was made of color paper by himself at a kindergarten.
I was so happy
this years fathers day was cool. we went to church thats the whole family. from church we had dinner. we all wished my dad a happy father's day. i love my dad and i tell him that any chance i get and through the things i do. its awesome to have a wonderful father who still lives.
Seems like an old thread and the fathers day is gone but If I were to celebrate I would be going for a movie and an outing, and without taking any cell phones to keep away from professional calls!
I was, unfortunately, in another country for Fathers Day, so all my Dad got was a phone call. Hopefully next year I can get him something (two years ago, when we were together geographically we went on a canoe trip! Amazing!)
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