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Cost of transferring a .uk domain name TAG

Does anyone have experience of dealing with an unhelpful domain Registrar or Nominet direct? A friend of mine has a domain name which expired in April and is now suspended. I have applied to transfer the domain to my registrar (1&1) and it is all set up with a status of "awaiting tag".

I sent off the tag transfer request to the exisiting tag holding registrar and they have contacted my friend and told him it will cost 80 for them to transfer the tag which strikes me as out and out daylight robbery!!

It looks as though Nominet may be able to do it for 10 + VAT but I can really do without the hassle of going down that route if there is a way of persuading the tag holder to co-operate! So far I have emailed them referencing Trading Standards, the OFT and the media but would welcome any other ideas from anyone that has experienced similar problems. Thanks, Ian
OK so I got this slightly wrong. They charge 80+VAT to lift the suspension on the account then a further 99 + VAT to transfer the tag to another registrar!! Talk about daylight robbery.

They are a UK website design company so they won't get any business from anyone I know when I found out that we can transfer the tag ourselves for just 10+VAT at Nominet!! Talk about trying to hold your customers to ransom when they try to move elsewhere. Surprised Surprised
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