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Hay Fever remedies

I've been a hay fever sufferer for as long as I can remember, typically my problems start at the end of May and are normally over by the end of July.

When I was young, and drowsyness was not a problem, I used to take small blue tablets called Phenigan (spelling?).. I then progressed onto Triludan.... Both of these I remember working well.

Triludan was then discontinued due to some problems with grapefruit.... and since then I've used various remedies... currently I'm using Loratadine (Clarityn).

Last year, nothing was working... my eyes were itching, my nose was streaming.... I could hardly breathe (my flow meter reading was about 100.... whilst "normal" is about 600).

The doctor gave me various asthma inhalers, as well as steroids to resolve the problems.... with a recommendation that there was a new drug that might help for the next year... but I'd need a blood test in December...

So... December came, the blood test was done... and eventually it was confirmed that as my allergy is to grass pollen, that I was a candidate for Grazax.
Grazax isn't a regular anti-histamine... The idea is that the drug should be taken daily for three to five years and that that should build up and immunity to the irritant.

In theory, Grazax should be started four months before the season starts.... however, due to various delays with the blood tests, I wasn't able to start until the end of March (so about two months before the season).

This year, the season has been fairly bad (going by the reactions of my wife and mother... who are not on Grazax)... I have had SOME problems.... but they have been minor in comparison... and I am hopeful that that is due to the late start.... and therefore next year will be even better....

Anyone else have any different experiences with Hay Fever medication ?

I have summer time allergies. It has been so bad that several years ago when I moved to an agracultural area I would sometimes have pull off the road and wiat for my eyes to clear up.

I get generic antihistamine allergy tabs from Sam's Club. 400 tablets of 25mg Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride for $6.

I give them to my dog too for her itchy skin. I take one about every 12 hours in the summer.
I tried all sorts of tables (which I won't list, considering the brand name wouldn't make sense to those across the pond, and they're not effective anyway) and eye drops and nose spary from doctor, it don't work well
but using this tissue 'lotus by Olbas' seems to work well
the point is I breath is oils in the tissue and these are the ingredient - dememtholised mint oil, eucalyptus oil, cajuput oil, menthol & juniperberry oil

if my nose is clear, I find my hayfever are not as bad, only dry skin, which is un avoidable
I take one flaxseed oil capsule daily to prevent dry itchy skin, that works for my dog too.
I don't know much about hay fever, so, i wouldn't be of any help for you. But whenever I have problem,
I would just go to wikipedia to find and read as much information as possible. So, this link is for you if you haven't already done it yourself: Wink
malcolmpreen you just described me exactly, i play golf also which can be a killer

Exactly the same as you May it starts and mid July nothing wrong with me

Triludan was violent had some of the worse side effects ever on that stuff was evil, but it was the only thing about at the time

Loratidine and Cetrazine are the other two now but these just mask it

thanks for the tip with the new one and the link, i am going to docs in May will ask about it then
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