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my favorite TV series

See my favorite TV series
Is "sex girl" a few days ago, teenage sex scandal has been the end of the second quarter, and that really. I do something more to say, enthusiastically looking forward to the arrival of the next quarter, I heard that in September the third quarter will be released, and I'm looking forward to, in this series, I most like to see Blair, I think her feelings are so ups and downs, Poor people do not know his fate in the third quarter of how
it is prison break ( now ended) and WWE ( not really a serie )
My favorite TV shows are: 24, Prison Break, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Power Rangers, Super Sentai. (I might add some more TV programs to my list next time.) Smile
For a long time I didn't get why everyone was so obsessed with Lost and then a friend of mine loaned me the first season on DVD and I didn't sleep for like 2 days while I watched it. Much like 24, I couldn't stop! I do have to admit thought that South Park is probably one of the best mind numbing shows ever! That show always calms me down for some reason and mellows me out!
I like the popular ones like Lost, Smallville (though not much anymore), Prison Break and many more...
my favourite TV-series are Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs. Absolutely.
Out of a long list of great series, Doctor Who comes out top, and then West Wing and Firefly.

Those are deliberately in order of length in some ways. Doctor Who has such an insanely long history, that it is fantastic to have a world with such depth. West Wing is brilliant to just watch, and rewatch, and pick up something new on almost every viewing.

Firefly would be much higher, except there's sadly only one season.
Boston Legal, House, Law and Order. I like good TV series about law and presenting court cases, as well as the investigation of those. I also like medicine. ER is not too bad. Dr. House is great as I like diagnostics and his seem to be on the extreme side, as well as a good sense of humour.
You know what's truly one of the greatest shows on television, Lazytown. The part live action/part CGI/ part animation program is funny, educational, and also awesome all at the same time. Camp Lazlo is the greatest cartoon ever made in the history of history. But a work of art almost as good as Camp Lazlo is Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Disgusting as it can be at times it is always leaving you to want to watch next week's episode. House is another great show that is on as well. These are the greastest shows in my opinion on television.
How I Met Your Mother, Frineds, House, Lipstick Jungle, Grey's Anatomy...
1 liter of tears, taiyou no uta (song to the sun), ichi rittoru no namida (1 liter of tears).. hahaha!
I watch the three CSI series. I also watch XFiles reruns.
angfrayle wrote:
I watch the three CSI series. I also watch XFiles reruns.
I like the CSI series, but find the Miami ones much more interesting than the New York ones. After a while of watching I can only take the New York ones in small doses. Maybe because I prefer the actors that play in the Miami series, or perhaps the script is written by different authors. I wish they could have a rerun of the old Law & Order series. That was really good.
my favorite is House M.D. I absolutely love the show. and last season's finale episode was really awesome, the best of all their finales, I believe. The show is exciting, mind-boggling and funny.

I also love watching Gossip Girl.
Heroes and more recently The Hills on MTV and no doubt will get drawn into the city

Kitchen Nightmares USA with Gordon Ramsey good also
I watch most tv series but i tend to stick with the comedies. Right now I'm into watching How I met your Mother and The big Bang Theory.
Yeah, Grey's Anatomy is nice
Both 24 hours and prison break are good. what's the new one recently?
I love Star Trek. Really love it. And Doctor Who is brilliant, along with Torchwood. And Firefly, someone mentioned it! It was the greatest sci-fi show ever, only to be canceled before its time. And currently I'm quite fond of Kings though I know it's been canceled as well. Heroes and Lost are both good, oh! And how could I forget Battlestar Galactica? All great, very fun, much love. =)
I love comedy TV shows. Some of my favourites at the moment are:

Two and a half Men: Humorous show with funny moments throughout. Some people might relate to some of the situations of the show. Love it when characters make witty comments Smile

Good News Week: Funny AND informative... how did that happen o_O

The Big Bang Theory: By FAR my favourite TV series. Everytime I watch it, it just brightens my mood. Clueless nerds, what's not to like? heh heh Smile
X-Files is a good TV shows. Some of the movies have bad reconstruction of X-files episodes.
Dont really have a favourite tv show. Tv is always good for me wether its news, movies, comedy ETC
Two and a half men and big bang theory
I'm a big fan of Sci Fi, but I'm out of episodes for now.

Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1 and Eureka I enjoy a lot. Furthermore I like watching Heroes, Lost & Prison Break.
I think nearly all my favourite tv series are British.

In the comedy sector: The Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd, The Office, Extras, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster.

Scifi would of course be Doctor Who and Torchwood.

And I've also been watching Rosemary and Thyme lately, which is quite delightful.

Of course, my number one show has always been The X-Files. Watched every episode the day it aired for all 9 seasons. Smile I sure miss it now...
lol two and a half men and glee is funny and i also like CSI
my favorite tv show is the supernatural...
the god is dead on the seoson 5 of the supernatural...
very exciting...
how can it be.
I have so many TV series that I absolutely love. To name a few, I like The X-Files, Doctor Who, Ghost Hunters, Warehouse 13, all three CSI series, and Ghost Hunters International. I generally end up watching a lot of shows on HGTV because my mother is obsessed with designing things. ><
I hope I am not too old at 30 but I love "Law & Order" (classic and Criminal Intent, I don't like Special Victim Units - it's too... I feel actors/people too aggressive).

And now, I'm crazy about "Mission: Impossible" all the series. Every night, before I go to bed, I watch one or two episodes.
There were seven seasons, I am at the third season. Smile

After that I will consider "The Streets of San Francisco". Smile

Am I too "old"?
At this moment I don't watch tv a lot, but one of my favourite tv shows are:

family guy
new kids on the block
two and a half man

All comedies as you see Cool
Mine are

Prison Break (Especially season 1)
Star Gate SG 1

and so on.

Lately got int o DollHouse. Cant wait to see season two Smile
My favorite TV series are House MD, Scrubs, Married with children.
I used to like Gray’s anatomy but I can’t stand the latest episodes I sow… Oh yes, I like 'Allo 'Allo! Very Happy
I go for


but not necessarily in that order.

I also go for the reruns

NYPD Blues (FoxCrime)
Well I lately got to know that True Blood is a rated series with some HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT stuff :p

So Its gonna be my new favorite Very Happy
Rajiev wrote:
Well I lately got to know that True Blood is a rated series with some HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT stuff :p

So Its gonna be my new favorite Very Happy

Oh, that vampire series. I find the story line tiresome. The Diary of a VAmpire is much much better.
30 rock
desperate housewives
heroes(but not so much lately)

I just wondered what tv shows you guys like, I like, and probably to see Supernatural and Scrubs with lol................
My current favorite series are Supernatural, Fringe, Merlin and currently on display True Blood.

but speaking of all time, Lost is unmatched by any other. And it is on my list X Files, Angel, and I'm particularly fond of Gilmore Girls, I even have a collection box for all seasons, and I'm sad every time I remember that over.
My wife and I discovered the online or instant netflix feature with their basic subscription this weekend while we were home sick. It was great! The resolution isn't that great (definitely not HD) but for as much as I want to watch at a flat rate, it was fine! While surfing for new things to get hooked on, we discovered the Showtime series "Weeds". At first I thought this was kind of stupid (and I still think it is), I found the story ironic and entertaining anyway.
My favorites are True Blood, The Tudors, V, Flash Forward, Star Trek, House.

I watch them over and over again Smile
My favourite series for now is CSI Miami. I'm beginning to develop a taste for "Criminal Minds". I also like "Numbers" very much. Prison Break used to feature very high as well, but think I've seen it and done it. I also like 24, Without a Trace and Law and Order.
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