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Where should David villa move in this summer transfer?

Spain striker David villa is linked with a move to Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Which club do you think that he can succeed?
Real Madrid and Barcelona are no longer interested in Villa, due to the hefty price tag and Manchester Utd are no longer interested because they wont buy players over 27 due to lack of resale value.

Berbatov was an exception to that rule...
My club Wrexham might be interested, but having already signed Gareth Taylor we wouldn't be able to guarantee Villa a regular first-team place. We had the same problem when we tried to get Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema so they reluctantly went to Madrid instead. Maybe Robben and van Nistelrooy won't be so picky about coming to the Racecourse when they realise that their opportunities at the Bernabau will be more limited now.
I feel that if he moves, it'll be Real Madrid.

It appears as if the Galacticos are nowhere near finishing their summer spending. Now they have Karim Benzema and are still being linked to the likes of David Silva. Imagine that!
He should go to Arsenal last season..he want to..
i think Barcelona suit for him
offtopic : I'm Bulgarian and I'm so proud of Berbatov, Skye001 Smile

ontopic : Well, in my opinion my favourite football team Chelsea would have been even more perfect than now if Davil Villa had a chance to move there(by the way, as most of you know, I don't doubt, there were offers from Chelsea, and before 1st July Valencia told Villa to decide, because the best offer was from Chelsea ;]).

But if Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only two teams - deffinitely Barcelona Smile
Well by the looks Villa wont be going anywhere due to Valencia sorting out some of their finances so no longer need to sell.

If the Eto`o Ibrahvinaivic (spelling) goes though i dont think Braca would be interested and who in their right mind would go to either Real or Man City atm with like 15 strikers between them.

Think he would fit in nicely at Arsenal, would like him at Chelsea but again dont know if he would stay happy cos when Drogba is on form he is the best in the world, but with ACON coming up and possible injuries....................
Ibrahimovic is he spelling Shocked not so hard, is it Very Happy
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