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Finding full website log files

Agent ME
I was curious about looking at the referrers in my website logs, to see what was linking to me. I found the Webalizer stats, but it simplifies the referrer list, only showing the top 10, and removing any arguments in the URLs (eg. ?arg=1&val=2). If I want to find a specific forum post linking to my site, this is useless.

Under "Site Summary / Statistics / Logs" in DirectAdmin, I found the "Full Usage Log", which seems to have only today's log (June 18 ).
Under "Backed up Apache Logs", I found the logs from June 13 - 17, in separate tar.gz files for each day.
I also found the logs for my subdomain for March 28 - 29 (I assume there aren't more logs just because this might be the last time the subdomain was accessed. Though I can't find today's log anywhere).

My questions:
  • So does Frihost only keep the logs for the last 5 active days, deleting the old ones? Or did I do something on June 13 to make it start saving the logs?

  • Is there any way I can make it save more than just the last 5 days of logs? It'd be nice to have each month's log tar'd up separately. Or am I going to have to download the logs myself every few days and organize them myself if I want an archive? (I could probably make a script to do this on my computer, so not too much of a hassle.)

  • Where can I find the current day's usage and error logs of my subdomain ( Maybe something fell out of place when I requested the domain name change (am37 to am49)? (I can't remember if I had the dev subdomain back then.)
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