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windows media player

My windows media player will sometimes stop a song before its finished and move on to the next song. When I manually go back to the song and try to track to the part of the song where it cut out it instantly skips again.

Anybody know what this problem is?
Most probably it is due to your corrupt file of music. You have not clarified if it happens everytime for all the songs or it happened only for a particular music. Try playing other song and check if it is correct. Then its the problem of that music file.

Another thing, how much portion of music is skipped? If it is a few seconds only, most probably your crossfading is enabled.

Clarify your problem bit more please !
The problem seems to affect about 25% of my music files. It's not crossfading because the amount cut off is different for each and is often times more than a minute. When the song cuts out, a little red "X" appears to the left of the song title and when clicked it gives this message:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."

My music files couldn't be corrupted could they? I hope not, because that's a lot of songs...
EximiusNero wrote:

My music files couldn't be corrupted could they? I hope not, because that's a lot of songs...

It's possible that they are.

First, try getting new audio codecs.
Also, try running a virus scan.
Try a different media player, if it still skips over that part of the song, it's a corrupt media file. If it doesn't just remove windows media player and install the most recent release.
I find Winamp ( is the best media player for windows, others would say foobar 2000 ( for videos, VLC ( give those a shot. If something doesn't play on VLC, it's broken.
I'd say it is corrupted media 90 % sure , but let just say try another media player , Alsee works fine to me even with corrupted media try it , It is free and it downloads the codecs faster
do you have this problem with all the files?
May not be the music files. I guess its the player. Try re-installing it, and use any media codec packs, i personally use K-Lite mega codec pack. It can handle most of the popular formats. It has a built in player also(at your choice).
Good Luck...
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