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Beverly Hills Cop

I watched it last night for the 100th time, and had a look on Wiki about it this morning, and it said that Mickey Rourke and Sylvester Stallone had the part before Murphy... CRAZY!

I know in back to the future that Fox wasnt first choice, is there any other major/cult films to which the lead has been switched?
I find Beverly Hill's cop also great.
I find Beverly Hill's cop II best.

In Beverly Hills, California the so-called alphabet crimes provide for sensation. Jewellers and value banks are robbed. Back only one letter with a coded code from low-cut newspaper letters remains. Andrew Bogomil, Captain in the Beverly Hill's insurance policy Department, is shot on open street calmly after he had bumped with own inquiries into a hot track to the clarification of the crime.

Axel Foley, a cop from Detroit, Michigan and friend Bogomils also gets to know from this incident. This comes along immediately on the way after Beverly Hills to arrest the alphabet killer there with his friends Billy Rosewood and John Taggert. Already after a short time they bump into a hot track. With the alphabet crimes rare and especially made cartridge cases were guaranteed. The track leads to a shooting club whose owner is certain Maxwell Dent and earns his money mainly with his oil drilling company. However, in reality he is the author of the alphabet letters. This has one more ace in the sleeve, his confidant and personal assistant Karla Fry. Fry which is at the same time Dents lovers is a giant-athletic and ice-cold Femme fatal who goes in the most true sense of the word about corpses. The beginning suspicion is corroborated that Dent wants to invest the money from the raids in weapons which he resells afterwards abroad for a multiple. Into this suspicion also push Foley, Rosewood and Taggert after inquiries, among the rest, in a striptease bar, in case of the burglary in the shooting club as well as on the property of the playboy's doer Hugh Hefner who also takes a small role. The showdown takes place finally on the area of Dents oil drilling company. While most odd-job men arise sometime, Dent and his lover Karla Fry meet the death. The, prejudiced and official boss always strolling on the wrong tracks of Rosewood and Taggert, Chief Lutz, will dismiss from the mayor and by the Captain Bogomil recovered meanwhile again substituted.
The Matrix - Will Smith as Neo. “You know, The Matrix is a difficult concept to pitch. In the pitch, I just didn’t see it. I watched Keanu’s performance - and very rarely do I say this - but I would have messed it up. I would have absolutely messed up The Matrix. At that point I wasn’t smart enough as an actor to let the movie be. Whereas Keanu was smart enough to just let it be. Let the movie and the director tell the story, and don’t try and perform every moment.” ~ Will Smith

Lord of the Rings - Sean Connery as Gandalf. Connery didn't want to spend 18 months filming, and he never read Tolkien before.

Kill Bill Vol. I and II - Kevin Costner as Bill. He passed on it, then Warren Beatty was his replacement. During rehearsals, Quentin Tarantino would constantly ask Beatty to do it "more like David Carradine". Finally, Warren Beatty suggested politely that Tarantino just get Carradine to play the part.
Dont forget the tune Axel F

Still good now BH cop`1

not sure about the others

Same with Lethal Weapon 1 that is good rest are a bit naff
Wow, I can't imagine a comedian version of Sylvester Stalone :O
Spartan wrote:
Wow, I can't imagine a comedian version of Sylvester Stalone :O

Have you never seen "Stop or my mom will shoot!"? Laughing
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