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Was Obama a good choice? co-produced by deanhills


well simple thread suggested by my dear figmant of imagination known as deanhills (he is like a hamster on acid, cute but deadly) - was obama a good choice? why was he really chosen? did color had anything too do with him winning? is apple sweater then peach? was there a better option.
and any other questions you wish too provide or discuss.....

It's "overcompensation".

It's like when someone has been an alcoholic for a long time, and they decide to quit drinking. But they go even further, and rail against the consumption of alcohol everywhere.

So we did the same with politics. People got sick of Bush and the Republicans for whatever reason, and rather than just finding a better President in '08, we sought out someone completely opposite of Bush, for the sake of being as far away from Bush as possible, rather than doing it for the best interests of America.

Hopefully, we can pull something good out of all this.
GM and their associated auto worker unions have 50 billion reasons to be happy that Obama won.
There were likely "better" people in this country for every Presidential election in our history.

Propose the alternative. John McCain? Clearly that's not what most people wanted.

This country is what, 14-15% African American? To imply he won solely based on his race or even had a significant advantage because of his race is silly. Sure, he got some votes because of his race....he also lost votes because of his race. McCain got votes because of his race...he also lost votes because of his race.
Bannik wrote:

well simple thread suggested by my dear figmant of imagination known as deanhills (he is like a hamster on acid, cute but deadly) - was obama a good choice? why was he really chosen? did color had anything too do with him winning? is apple sweater then peach? was there a better option.
and any other questions you wish too provide or discuss.....

Indi must be the key to a really excellent and creative sense of humour .... I miss her postings Laughing Laughing Laughing You made my day Bannik.

I'm disappointed in Obama, but then it is probably my own fault as I am a push over for nice speeches. While he was on his election campaign he really grabbed my imagination. Since Bush was made into a very "bad boy" Obama turned into some divinity, and that may turn into a mistake for people who voted for him with the hope for positive change. My disaapointment is that he is not firm enough. He is trying to be too nice. A people pleaser. I remember earlier in the year when he was in Europe and campaigning for anti-nuclear in Prague before he had really discussed it with his own citizens. And that speech was mostly for effect as the impression was that he and his wife were trying to make friends everywhere, and that is a bit gullible in their own right. Friendly is good, but friendly and firm and effective better.

I was terribly disappointed when American citizens let him get away with a whopping 1.2-trillion dollar bail-out package WITHOUT tangible evidence over the table of exactly which banks, how much, for what purpose, when, where, etc. Obama is very good with Internet Website, but there is no Website to give progress reports on this enormous loan from the citizens of the US. If any of the citizens were to do the reverse, go to a bank and ask for a loan, you know the hoops you have to go through, all the forms that need to be signed, as well as by the Bank. Did any of the citizens sign any forms? And are any of the citizens receiving monthly statements of the 1.2-trillion loan, and progress reports. Nada! I'm also disappointed that Obama got so involved with private enterprise, including the banks and commerce. That is not his job to do. It should not be Obama to decide whether executives in banks or insurance companies should be getting bonuses or not.

I am also disappointed about his slow pace in the processing of the Gitmo detainees. During his election campaign he scored a number of brownie points off the Republicans giving real undertakings of closing Gitmo and releasing the detainees. Immediately after he was sworn in people were completely elated when he signed documents for the closing of Gitmo, but that is about where it ended. Before we know it, there was an announcement that he needed 3 months to evaluate all the files, and then when this guy started to get his fingers dirty with the facts, he started to back track. All of a sudden his report said that the prison in Gitmo was OK except for the prisoners who were in isolation and could not communicate with anyone else. And at the end of the 3-month evaluation he announced that more time was needed. Obviously while he was campaigning during election, he must have missed out on some research about alternative institutions in the United States for detaining detainees, which apparently none were comparable to Gitmo. They probably will have to be built, and some legislation amended and changed, all of it absorbing massive energy, funding, etc. AND still detainees are at Gitmo. While Obama is fiddling, Gitmo is burning, another detainee committed suicide and that was on his watch this time. Blaming Bush is beginning to get thin.

Obama is not strong in the military. But for that I am happy. As at least he is following their advice and he has been responsible for getting more troops to Afghanistan. That part is good, but not as something that is being supported by his inner strength, it is more the other way round, Obama being supported by the inner strength of the US military, which at least has some experience in the Middle East and has established intelligence gathering and surveillance operations in the Middle East, as well as an active network of information sources that are exchanged with other countries in the area.

The better part of Obama for me is his wife. Not only is she beautiful, but she is savvy, obviously has brains. I'm disappointed that she has to portray the role of a house wife and mother, as obviously she has so much more to offer. She is a highly qualified laywer, shows leadership abilities as well as social skills that are not being used to advantage. I am equally disappointed in Hillary Clinton being pushed in the background. She is supposed to be Secretary of State, and it would appear as though Obama has taken that from her. She was not with him when he was in Cairo for example, and since her world trip right after she was sworn in, she has rarely travelled except for within North America including Mexico. Hillary is experienced in international politics and it is a pity that Obama has not allowed her to fulfill the role of Secretary of State fully as she should. She should have been doing her rounds in the Middle East before the arrival of Obama, and been at his side when he was in Cairo, at the very least. She is also needed in the Far East.

But most of all I miss firmness. Too many BIG promises, too much spending, too much interference in the economy, I'm really disappointed so far.

The fact that the righwingers are so much active right now may also be a consequence of lack of flexibility and inability to talk to them. There has to be some common ground somewhere, something urgent needs to be done, and most of what I've heard from him has been flippant casual remarks. This is one time that he really needs to be nice and extremely important for him to get to know his enemies. What is that saying about keep your friends close but your enemies closer. I don't see any evidence of that.
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