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Entertainment Boards

Entertainment Boards

We are a new forum that is starting out, co owned by me the negative one and V.B.88.

The boards are a combined mixture of entertainment (games, music, sports and computer programming) and Art.

When we become more active we will be expanding the boards, adding new features, custom skins and other cool stuff.

In the art side of the board, you can post your work and get feedback on it, i will be posting bios and ifno on different artists work and showing off my own work.

I will also be making custom calanders for people to download that i have designed.

V.B.88 is the one who will be doing most of nearly all of the coding.

So come andjoin the newly opened entertainment boards.

We are looking for mods, only ctive people will have tje opportunity to become mods.
It is almost perfect! (The template that is.) Smile The content is great too, but I'm a member at so many forums that I won't join.

There is just two things you need to do, and the template will be great!

The column with "!": You either need to remove the column altogether or create two 10 x 10 images, one for "new" and one for "old" The tiny column just makes the page look weird - at least on a large screen.

The second -and last- thing the page needs is a header image. It doesn't have to be a large one. You can create a small-like gradient image that repeats in the background so it doesn't take long to load on slow computers/internet connections. Plus, it will fit to any screen. Then you can use text to place the site title/link in the headers. You should be able to add all this by using html tables or div tables and css.
Ghost Rider103
It's not too bad.

The bevel on the top bar where you log in at is not all that appealing to me. I really disagree with using bevel on most parts of a website. Such bars should not be beveled, as it looks like it is "popping" out of the website. This is ok in some cases. However with this particular website it does not fit in very well at all.

Also I think you need to add some color into it. Right now it is extremely plain. After a while I know you will get tired of looking at those very simple shades of color. So try and change a few things around to liven the place up a little and make it a little more enjoyable to look at.

You have a good start, you just need to tweak a few things.

Good luck.
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