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Japanese Language

How to learn Japanese Language ?
I've heard that it is relatively easy to get a basic understanding of it, and absolutely impossible to become fluent.
Good luck.
My family is asian, we are from the Philippines (very nice there)
Anyway, try "transparent language"
Best one I can find
transparent language is a company for language learning
bold is my thing
try pimsleur's japanese lessons. It offers basic japanese with simulation.
I have friends who are learning Japanese as their third language at high school right now. I don't see what is so fascinating about the language. I suggest you take a look online instead of finding forums sites and asking the people who use it for help. Find a class, learn the damn lingo but don't expect to be fluent.
Have anyone found some online tutorials that can be used for learning the language?

I have visited Japan twice for vacation, and only managed to learn veeeeeery little of the Japanese language.

Would be good to have it online, as we spent a fair amount of time over the www.

With regards.
Very very tough!! Sad
Attended 6 months course, passed the exam too, but still can barely understand the lingo.
Speaking is out of the Q. Embarassed
But still trying....
What an undying determination.

Very very tough!!
Attended 6 months course, passed the exam too, but still can barely understand the lingo.
Speaking is out of the Q.
But still trying....

Keep going, but I am still interested in some free on line tutorials to get a taste of this tough language.

Not willing yet to pay and attend a 6 month course.

Japanese is easy to learn because they have a kind of alphabet system (Hiragana) like the English language. Its best to learn each symbol of the alphabet because most words use Hiragana. Although foreign words are usually written in Katakana (another japanese alphabet system). When you learn both of these alphabet systems you should learn Kanji, which is symbols that came from the Chinese language. Alternatively is you can go to japan and actually study there because you will always have the chance of speaking Japanese there.
Thanks, Baka_Desu.

But instead of one language, now I am faced with 3 alphabetic systems.

This really do not seem easy.

Moreover, the yen has risen so much, as compared to the first time I went to Japan in 2006, and again in 2008.

I will go there for vactions, but not to study - cost of living is just too high.

Thanks. Any free tutorials online? My main topic.
There are some very good ways to learn japanese, depending on your methods, it could cost a little, or a lot of money.

For learning to speak, The Pimsleur audio lessons are phenominal, they are arranged in a constant quiz type method that will teach you something, have you answer, teach you something else, make you make logical jumps on figuring out things, and every lesson has built in reviews to reinforce previous teachings and lessons.

For books, there are mountains of books out there and depending on how your brain works, you could find the learn by manga, the for dummies, or some of the more advanced books fit perfectly into the niche in your brain.

Get into playing online games with japanese people, I really need to get back into playing Pangya on the .jp server because that really makes you have to learn to read/type to be able to communicate, this is a hard hurdle tho and you really need to do some pre-practice

For self study of reading and to improve your level, find copies of Hiragana Times, it has each article in both japanese and english, all the kanji have furigana, and you will pick up a lot of stuff quickly, also if you pick up one of the weekly/biweekly/monthly manga magazines from japan, they are a wealth of study, and they are dirt cheap, on average 5-10 bucks finding them may be a bit difficult but there are many sources.

There are also websites, I belong to they have lessons, with audio, downloadable videos, and even live lessons available. its not too expensive monthly either.

If you like anime, you can also watch it in the regular japanese language with or without subtitles to see how much you can understand.

Helpful links: will take any japanese webpage and add the furigana for the kanji online flash cards to learn Kanji Online learning place costs $ what you need to study to pass the level 4 (basic) Japanese language proficiency test place where you can buy many books on learning japanese, as well as regular manga magazines for study, and tons of books in full japanese. another place to get import manga for study. also can buy anime there. many great items here as well, import items from japan, I got a great hiragana poster from here that has helped me many times when I go braindead on a hiragana that I don't see often (they also sell raw manga) sells the canon wordtank which is a great item to study with as well.
Not that hard as some reply described. Why not have a try yourself? No one knows you better than yourself. Where there's a will, there's sucess.
it is much faster to learn a language when you are surrounded by people who speak it constantly

also classes for basic sentence formation is a good idea

for vocabulary you just need to pick up many words from different places
i have learned many words from different anime
which is useful because subtitles allow me to know the english version immediately
Denvis wrote:
I have friends who are learning Japanese as their third language at high school right now. I don't see what is so fascinating about the language. I suggest you take a look online instead of finding forums sites and asking the people who use it for help. Find a class, learn the damn lingo but don't expect to be fluent.

I am agree to your statements but I think its not easy to learn Japanese language.
Zettai dekiru, sa. :D Hontouni ganbareba, don don perapera ni naresou desu.

Takes work (and some years in country), but you can indeed become relatively fluent. Tips from personal experience:

1) If you drink: first study hard sober, then go hang out with fluent speakers and get drunk. Not just mellow, not completely wasted, but properly buzzed. This is excellent practice because you will no-longer mind if you are using the correct verb conjugation or level of respect or whatever other intricacies make it hard to speak up in class or to a stranger, and neither will anyone else around you. Talk to anyone and everyone who will hear you -- of course, this is easier if you're clearly non-Japanese and are actually IN Japan, as the Japanese tend to take a keen interest in single mysterious foreigners who show up at the bar. If they try to correct you, don't worry about taking notes; just repeat everything they are saying. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Your brain will actually retain this training just as well (if not better) than when you are sober, because the information is skipping your analysis and going straight to the fundamental sections of the brain that process speech.

2) If you don't drink: again, study hard sober, then go hang out with a bunch of drunk Japanese at some place entertaining. Not just at a bar, but at, say, a festival or a fireworks display, or at some temple event (again, IN Japan). Jump in at any time with simple, innocent questions about things you don't understand from the conversation -- you will likely be picking out slang and metaphors (stuff not covered in class) which will give all your drunk friends a HUGE laugh; they will show their appreciation by giving you honest explanations of what all that slang means. This is how to learn the real fine points of Nihongo that no-one would really want to describe in blunt, understandable terms to you, a foreigner, in any sort of classroom setting.

3) Don't ever play it cool. If you don't understand, ASK. Ask a million times until you understand it completely. Mistakes are the funniest things ever and will give you and your Japanese friends some of the best stories to tell, but only if they're caught early... before you show up dressed for a funeral when somebody really just asked to borrow your vacuum cleaner. :D
Just go with your determination and aim will be achieved, no matter how difficult the aim is, just keep up the spirits and learn Japanese
I want to learn Japanese as well. I play a lot of Capcom fighting games and i think i picked up a few words lol
latihan wrote:
How to learn Japanese Language ?

You need to study and purchase books.. ofcoure you need to enroll your self to Japanese school.
Japanese is easy to understand, but like ocalhoun said, nearly impossible to become fluent and perfect at it. Writing it is annoying too.

Basically, I know the basics, like doing stuff like this: あなたは日本語を話すことができます
/\ Translates to Can you Speak Japanese.

And This: 日本の (Japanese)

I only know basic stuff, as it is difficult for me to learn it.

ここで私が行うことができます基本的な文があります。優れた言語を学び始めるのがうまくいけば、十分。 (Koko de watashi ga okonau koto ga dekimasu kihon-tekina bun ga arimasu. Sugureta gengo o manabi hajimeru no ga umaku ikeba, jūbun.)
By the way, how much is resemblance in Chinese and Japanese language. If somebody learns one of the language, will it help for the other.
It there any similarity in script too or just voices or vice versa or both.
Which one is more difficult.
Thanks in advance for the response.
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