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Dell Inspiron 1420 Windows 7 sound problem

Like in the title: I have a problem with sound on Dell Inspiron 1420, Windows 7. Sound card is RealTec HD Sound. I tried many drivers, but sound is plying only headphones, but speakers remain silent. Look at screen:

This is when I'm plying something without headphones. Green bar is moving, all volume is set to 100%, but no sound. When I connect headphones, lower position goes active and headphones are plying normally.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?
Hmm. Well to make sure it isn't hardware related, do the speakers work when you're under another operating system?
Yes, they work under Vista and XP. If it would be hardware related, then there wasn't be any sound from headphones. It's something strange with Windows or drivers.
Alright then. Well, if you take a look at certain Windows 7 forums, this is actually a pretty common problem, all driver related. What driver versions are you running? Basically, one thing you can do is enter the device manager, remove the sound device, and install the driver manually. Now, I wouldn't know exactly which driver you would have to use, but I would assume anything made for Vista should work. This may be an option for you. You may have to set the compatibility to Vista and then install as an administrator.
I didn't solve my problem. I also found never drivers 2.26, marked as for Windows 7, but it isn't working. I didn't mentioned it earlier, but I have Windows 7 64 bits. Maybe this is reason...
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