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Does your site design have a personality

Listening to a design and developing podcast they introduced the notion that a website should have a personality...

how site personas can enhance your sites

If your website was a person, what type of person would it be? It is an interesting question. Take a look at your website for a moment. Look at the design, read some of the copy. Can you picture a single person that represents your site? If the answer is no, then you may benefit from the creation a site persona.

I like the idea of not making the personality your actual target audience, but someone who they'd listen to or pay attention to.

But then again... how do you design character?

I think what its trying to say is that bring charictor and life to your websites... I see alot of sites that are just plan and no life going on... looks like someone just made one off a wysiwyg program..

I would like to listen to the feed if you know where it is,.
Its the boagworld podcast...

I find it interesting and fun
Some do have a uhh..personality, they seem to "pop up". Rolling Eyes
I think all sites have a personality whether it is intentionally pursued or not. Basically, what they're talking about is branding. Branding is about making connections, creating emotional responses, based on an understanding of who your company is and what sets it apart. It does this to make your brand different from the competition, recognizable, etc.

Determining the personality of your website is certainly a part of that.

The book The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes talks about brands as representing one of 12 archetypes, a very interesting concept.
Ghost Rider103
I do think that every website has character, whether you yourself can identify it or not.

For example, a very dark and scary looking website. That right there pretty much identifies it's own character, and will target it's own specific type of audience. For example, a website that would do good for a dark and scary theme would be a website based off of hardcore music. It could be a community of people who enjoy of listening to that sort of music.

So just the theme itself is targeting those types of people. I am sure you don't find many professional business men in a community of hardcore music people.

You will find more professional business men in clean and sleek looking websites, because that is more of what they are attracted to.

Now sure you can get a mix of people. I am sure there are some professional business people that are very interested in harcore music. But that is an entirely different subject, as they would probably be interested in both clean character, and dark/scary.

Even extremely plain and boring looking websites have character. It's just a plan and boring character.
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