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Maintaining your site

My desire to have a website has waned over the last few years. Since I do web related work all day, the last thing I want to do at home is more of it. Usually I change the design of my site evey 1-2 years, as I get bored with it and want to try something new. I haven't changed it in almost 3 years, and haven't posted an update in almost 2 years. I had started a new layout about 2 years ago, but I have yet to finish it, and am not too keen on working on it again. Though I might, since I don't like how the current one looks anymore. though after this change, I don't think I will be changing it again.

Even coming on here to comment has been hard since I don't really have much to say on most topics. I used to stay on top of things and have at least 440 points constantly, but now I can barely keep myself about 10 points.

So how do you keep the desire to keep your site up an running, especially with all the other things that are around for you to do? I get much more enjoyment out of doing many other things, and would rather spend time on those things. However, my site is kind of handy to put on my resume when applying for work, so in a way I feel the need to keep it going.
Maybe you need someone to enthuse about your site.

For that matter, how did you make your site header change images (with a fade in/out effect) without using flash?
It's a javascript slideshow. I wanted to avoid using Flash, even though I used it in the menu. I was kind of stuck using it since I wanted the menu to curve with bottom of the header.

I don't know if people being enthused about my site would help. Perhaps I have realized that it is just a website and is not at all important, and that the time spent on that would be better spent doing other things. You tend to change how you think as you get older.

I would like to get rid of the current design and get the new one out ( - early work in progress. The layout is somewhat final, but everything else as far as colour and graphics and overall "polish" are still needing work. Like the fact that the blue in the logo and the blue on the rest of the site do not match at all). After that, I do not know what I will do with it. Perhaps in a few years I will get the desire to work on it a lot again, or I will change the type of site it is, from a personal portfolio (a sad one at that), to something else, like a personal site on hobby trains, or foo-foo dogs, or whatever.
I hear you. The last time I updated my personal website was so I could get a job. Now it sits there, spelling errors and all. I recently started a blog, though, about my family's fantasy baseball league. It is kind of fun, but everything takes time. Also, I don't know how well its doing as far as readership. So what's the point?

You might want to try doing something for charity. Find a non-profit in need of a website and offer to do it for free. Those types of jobs are usually the most fulfilling.

Hope you find your inspiration again!
Why not try a subject other than yourself? How-to guides etc.
How-to guides will take even more work than just having a site with my crap on it. I've thought about changing the site t osomething else, but could never decide on what, or why. I have enough trouble wanting to maintain a site I almost never update and wanting to keep posting on here to not have the site disappear. The only reason I still have it is for employment purposes since I have been working on contract the last 3 years. If I were to get a permanent position somewhere, I would almost certainly kill off the site.

I am just having trouble getting the drive to put time into updating the site and keeping it alive by posting.
I see. Burnout and loss of interest.
My suggestions may be not much of help, maybe not possible to implement, but it helped me:

1. Get a long good rest, months, with absolute minimum time spent on this website.
Sleep well for 8 hours, in dark quiet room. Sleep aids, if necessary. Improve nutrition: more microelements and minerals, more protein and less carbohydrates in the morning, exclude food that makes you feel tired or sleepy. How it is related to website maintenance? You will feel better, and making a new addition now and then becomes a very small, doable task, like checking email.

2. Moving website on another host is not an option, right? I mean where you don't have to make additions to a site to keep it alive.

3. Moving website from html-css to, say, WordPress, that allows easy updates. Or just add WordPress to the existing site. You may use then a short articles, 150 - 400 words, as easy to post as post on this forum. You may already know that, adding just in case.

4. There are nothing bad with own crap on website, the whole blogging and social networking culture does the same. One man's crap is another man's treasured thoughts, and the opposite. This is a life.

Another option to try: did you ever were wondering about something but had no time to dig deeper, or seen something in the news that resonates deeply in you? You may take a short look and write about it, just for amusement, or post own impressions and thoughts. Express yourself. Do something for yourself, not because of duty.
This will make life more bearable. You will be doing something useful and interesting, readers may respond to your thoughts and join the discussion.

Cheer up! Rest will help, with better energy levels you will be able to bear with this.
I'm cheery Smile

I've already had long rests from working on the site. Almost a years worth. I just find I have many other things to do, that I enjoy doing more. or am obligated to do (spend time with family), that the site goes to the bottom of my to-do list.

I could move to other hosting, but this one is free (except for time), and has been incredibly reliable for the last almost 4 years I have been here.

Maybe once I do some of the other things on my list I will get back to this. If I could get rid of my family for a week or so (as in they go to visit family), I could get the redesign finished, up and out of my hair Smile
One thing that inspires me when I'm not feeling inspired is to get out and practice a different art discipline. For me, that's photography. Getting into another medium helps gain perspective and transfer over to your web work.
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