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Safari 4

Yes, it's me, again with great news for all browser freaks =)

Safari 4 is out, final and pretty, even on Windows Wink

Review at with download link
Just tried it, seems to be a very nice upgrade. As the article says, there are only minor tweaks from beta - but the best enhancement is this one:

Yes, you can cycle through every single tab in Windows 7, the first browser apart from IE8 to feature this, erm, feature =) I really love it and hope that opera and firefox will introduce areo peek to single tabs as well with 10 and 3.5 resp.

What are you waiting for, go grab it Wink
I am currently downloading the version for windows. It is quite large for a browser, over 50 megabytes, which really isn't much in this day and age, but for speediness it could be smaller. I have briefly used 4 on mac earlier today, but I was not blown away. The first page opened was a wall of sites I (well actually my father) had visited instead of the usual homepage, which was a minor inconvenience. It seems like it could be cool, but it just slowed me down. I am looking forward to looking through all of the new UI tweaks.
I'll admit, Safari is pretty fast loading pages compared to Firefox, but that's nothing. Firefox allows me to have themes and addons, allowing me to customize whatever I want. Safari... not so much. I do like how it's gone to the aero peek for tabs, but still that doesn't make up for how crappy the browser really is.

I currently have 8 tabs open on Safari, no addons or nothing and it's using: 302 MB of RAM.
I currently have the same 8 tabs opened on Firefox, with aero making my firefox transparent and about 10 other addons and it's using 234MB of ram.

Safari is a resource hog, and I refuse to use it.
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