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Free Knowledge… Free as in Beer… Welcome Academic Earth!

A while back I stumbled upon the marvel that is Academic Earth. Academic Earth is a service that specializes in providing entire courses of high quality academic video lectures for free via their website.

The site’s main page shows the lectures to have come from the likes of Berkley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale. Just a quick stroll shows weeks worth of what appears to be pretty valuable content. Topics include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Entrepreneurship, History, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology and Religion - many of which contain entire courses worth of material… for free… Free as in beer.

Of course, I am really excited about the Computer Science section - there seems to be a solid line up of topics ranging from introductory to incredibly advanced. Of course, this is not the first venture into freely available online educational resources (My favorite, for example - OpenCourseWare from MIT), but those visual learners out there (Ew, ew, ew!!! Me, me, me!!!), this is a god-sent!
I checked out the Website and found the pickings slim.
deanhills wrote:
I checked out the Website and found the pickings slim.

Hey that was nice..!! There is a huge collection of recorded classes in that site...!! I was watching a video of a class by a professor from Yale University...!! I think this a good measure for all people to help them in getting more knowledge...!! Best effort by the site makers..!!
Differential equations, multi-variable calculus, linear algebra, etc... They have some nice lower division courses. I wish they had more upper division like number theory and such... but they do have some good courses.... Thanks for the link.
Yea, I have watched many videos from this site... Although there may not be tons and tons of resources here, I do feel their offerings to be significant. I also feel it an important point to make - concerning material such as this, quality takes precedence over quantity... So far I have been happy..

Another excellent resource is MIT's OpenCourseWare site -

Lots of good CS stuff here - arguably, some of the best in the word.

TED is also another nice site...
It seems interesting, lets see if it's useful.
Thanks for the tip Wink
Wow that's pretty cool free college classes. Obviously you don't get credit but education isn't really about getting credit? I never realized something like this existed but it's great. Unfortunately my internet isn't fast enough to view them I'll definitely check it out in the future. Thanks for the link and post.
I think its great, I have paid a-lot of hard earned money for education and there is always something more that I would like to learn. It would be nice to be able to ask a question every once in a while.
A realy nice and resourceful link. It would be very interesting to watch them. Thanx Guys.
Nice thanks for this very useful
deanhills wrote:
I checked out the Website and found the pickings slim.

This site seem to help full . Thanks for sharing
Very Happy ,It is very good site.
I think its a great site with valuable resources, and can cater to students who want to learn but cannot afford a decent education, (but hopefully have access to internet) such as countries in Africa.
Also will cater to people who want to decide what they want to learn and get more information about the given topics on the site.

I'll check it out - I think I will start with Biomedical Engineering. It has fascinated me quite a bit and is a topic that is picking up as well.
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