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My gripe : Sony, sometimes you really suck.

I have bit my tongue for months now and just can’t do it anymore. Why in the hell is it that every time I turn on my PS3, I have to wait for 20 minutes before I can play a game. Were I 12, with little to do, I would likely give two shits less – cause, after all, I have dick to do. I on the other hand, am not 12 and usually do have shit I need to do – I usually grab a quick game or two of (INSERT GAME NAME HERE) in between doing that shit. But can I do that with my PS3? NO! Why? Cause every god-damned time I turn the ****** on it starts pulling the ever so important updates.

Really, what the ******, Sony. I don’t understand why I have to pull a 5 part update every time I put a game in your SIX-HUNDRED DOLLAR CONSOLE (ok, so I have the Drake edition and some extras, but yea, $600 smackers), the damn thing steals 20 minutes of my life… I own a 360, I own a Wii – they don’t do this shit to me. So, a console ultimately made for children (Wii) and a console marketed as your direct competition to your console (360) both understand my needs as a gamer a whole shit pot more than you apparently do – wanna take a guess at what consoles get the largest percentage of my play time? I can give you a hint - they don’t have a P or and S in their name (unless you spell out numbers)…

But what do you care, Sony… you got my 600 bucks.

update done… going to play Little Big Planet…
Huh, really 20 mins?
I don't have one but you'd have thought they'd give an option to update while on standby like the Wii.
I thought PS3's were cheaper now.....
weableandbob wrote:
I thought PS3's were cheaper now.....

They probably bought it when it was $600 when it came out.

Also, as said earlier, you should just leave it in standby mode. Also, for most games, you don't *have* to download the updates unless you need a feature provided by the update.
As both already said, why don't you just leave it in standby? I think all sony products are really great, and you just say that they actually aren't. Back to topic, I don't know what's the origin of the problem, in every PS3 it takes so much time, or only in yours?
I love my 360, but I kind of wish I had a PS3 too.......
Most people I know don't ever play their PS3s, just not very many good games. I'm love my PC though.
From speaking with my PS3-owning friends, they too experience the long update download times... I will have to check into leaving it on standby, though I do like to know when my systems are updating... Notice, I am not complaining that it is updating, just how long it takes to update when it does...

In reference to $600... No, I didn't buy it when it first came out - I was bought the Uncharted Edition with the 160GB HD... I think the console was $400-something, but then I got some extra controllers and a game in the package - this is where the inflated $600 comes from...

I am not saying that all Sony products are bad, nor am I really saying that the PS3 is bad, just that its updating mechanism blows... I am the proud owner of many Sony products and have always felt them to be top-end. Concerning the PS3 hardware and usability (when not updating), I again would consider it to be top-end... I just think that they need to work on their updating system.

I own a PS3, 360 and a Wii... 360 updates are by far the fastest and least painful... Wii updates take a bit longer to apply and apply often (with every new game it seems), but are nowhere near as long as the PS3 updates... Bringing up the rear on update-speed is of course the PS3 - the slowest updater of all the "next gen" consoles...

I would have to somewhat agree on the Alaskacameradude comment - there do not seem to be the games out there... I can honestly say that 4 times as many Blurays are loaded into the PS3 as games are... When I am asked which console to buy by friends who know I have all 3, I usually have to give my nod to the Xbox 360... As I always tell them, the PS3 is a beautiful device and showcase of hardware... But, the 360 is solid, inexpensive and has a butt-load of good games... Usually once people research all the "must have" games that they have in mind, it is realized that 360 has the majority of em... But thats just my experience.
The more I hear about current generation consoles, seems like they got a lot of problems. 360 has the never ending Red Ring of Death, PS3 are slow and the disk drive fail after not to long, and the Wii well who care the hardware is from the early 90's.
I play most games on my pc now load times are far quicker and graphics are unlimited quality, I will never buy a console again, they are only computers in a prettier package, which I am fine without. Over priced and lower quality than a pc. It is frustrating though to have to wait just to play a simple game... Crying or Very sad
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