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The best way to include a new Wordpress blog for SEO.....

Hello everyone,

I have a website,, where I sell my jewelry. I made it with Zen Cart. I want to make another website with Wordpress, called Crisocolita, that would be a colaborative blog for artisans. Obviously I'm going to link the two sites. My question is, where should I put Crisocolita so that its links to Caipocha most benefit me for search engines -- at , or on its own domain at Or, lastly, should I put it at Thanks, Sandra
Make it because your main site will pass PR juice to your blog and your frequently blog post will increasing search engine spider to visit.
From SEO point of view, there's no difference (at least nor for google).
I would suggest you use So you don't muddle up with file paths etc.
Great, that's what I think I'll do. Thanks! Sandra
I agree with sciencegto.

In the long term it will make a BIG difference. I started with JUZD Streetwear and follow with a blog at Fashion Style Blog. JUZD is the commercial site and for the longest time it had more visitors until recently. My Fashion blog by this time had more content and exploded with Google. In retrospect I should have had it combined it to one site.

But there are benefits to have to separate domain. I can do 3 way linking where I link to a site from my Fashion Blog and that site link to JUZD. Also I get lots of inlinks from my blog to my main site. [/url]
Google loves subdomains as well. That is something to consider as well. Have you looked into subdomaining it?
don't worry about PR... worry about getting ranked on google for the terms you believe that are important...
i will definitely go for, my point is you have to put your main business site first, and then the blog. If I were you, I would even get another domain for it, i would make a blog, forum or anything like that and host them as subdomains and make their urls like this: and etc.. in short, make them part of your website. Which means that everytime there is a visitor go to your blog or forums, they would usually go to your stone, check it out at least even if they are not targeted customers. And when they become your regular blog reader or forum poster, or any kinds of users, i guess you can see the picture, they would buy in your store first when they want to buy the type of products that you are selling, instead of going to the search engine, that would be a lot of targeted customers going direct to your store! Imagine that! But of course it also depends on how successful you are when it comes to running a blog or forum...

To be honest, i don't quite get your meaning by SEO, i don't think it's relevant....but i guess you are asking should you put your main site first or blog first for SEO of your blog, it doesn't matter in my opinions as long as the keyword you are targeting on is part of the whole urls. One quick suggestions though, if you are targeting google organic traffic, just focus on building anchor texts backlinks on higher pr sites, the higher the better, and using the usual methods, such as buying blog posts from blogs that are related to your niche, article submission, social bookmarking, directory submission, try to put your link in Yahoo answer carefully, using stumbling upon and put your links on, making squidolenses...and the list go on...

I've better stop here cos' I just realized that I've talked too much, maybe even unrelated to you question LOL....anyway, best luck to your new blog!
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