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Any registrar that doesn't require Credit card ...

Is there a registrar that doesn't require a credit card (only being 17) but accepts PayPal. I've tried GoDaddy, but they require that my account to be verified by a credit card.

Unfortunately, my parents don't trust online websites... so I am looking for this.

Thanks guys.
I might be wrong, but Dynadot and Namecheap accept Paypal.
Google them and try them. I'm not very sure about this though...
How is it that you have a paypal with money on it without a credit card attached to it in the first place? I know that doesn't help anything but still.... At any rate, if you are without a credit card you could simply go to any walmart or drugstore or really any department store and get a green dot reloadable mastercard/visa or a mastercard/visa gift card. They act as a credit card online and everything. They work really well. I hope this helps somewhat. Then you would be able to get the best deals on ANY website you want to sign up for a domain on.
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