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24h (Season 8)

It's been said that it occurs soon after the last series. I think the stem cell treatment will have worked, but only delayed the effects of Jack's illness. He'll spend the entire series fighting yet another global threat to humanity, possibly some of the uncaptured baddies from the previous series. He'll keep needing those injections, and he'll make it to the very last bad guy, who has just killed Kim, and kill him right before Jack dies himself, and we get a silent clock.

That'd be a fitting end.
I'm pretty sure Jack will survive through the stem cell treatment as well, but I think it will be more permanent. I can see Kim and Jack bonding together through this treatment, because of all they will go through. However, this can only lead to Kim being in danger yet again, and I'm really getting tired of Kim either being kidnapped or threatened in some way that forces Jack into some precarious situations. I mean, once or twice should be enough.

I'm also curious as to which agency the writers will choose to associate 24 with next. First it was a fictional CTU agency, and now it's on to the FBI, but I don't know where they will go from there. It might even deviate from an official government agency and have Jack be on his own, which is how he always seems to wind up...

Anyways, looking forward to another great season, even though it will probably be the last one.
The Season 8 trailer is now out! Watch it here:
so far this season is really good.... they seemed to kind of ignore that jack was basically dead at the end of last season Smile i think they mentioned it 2 times......
Six episodes in and I'm gripped already. This is gonna be a good one Smile
Seven hours down and still a very long day to go! Smile
24 is the only television series that I follow! It's really great! Cool
Didnt know the day 8 has being started :O
/* damn... I've being away from the net for too long Sad

I was watching all the past series at a stretch Surprised It was interesting to watch Good old Jack in action, again and again Smile

Still didnt watched season 7 till the finish.

You guys need ot go to IMDB and vote for 24. I was surprised at the low number of people who has voted (good or bad) for the 24 :O
I have tried to watch this show, it just didn't make the cut. Either that or its just not a show for me.
silverdown wrote:
I have tried to watch this show, it just didn't make the cut. Either that or its just not a show for me.

Hmmm... thats strange Smile

Anyways, I think Who have dominating characters (like bossy moms, siblings, A** H*** boses) wont like this show.

I think It is time for Jack to get some help, A supporting role int his show. Event he all mighty Jask is getting too old for this. and not many of the fans like to see a one man show everyday :p
this season is.... alright...... there have been quite a few "oh come on" moments


I think the entire story line of Dana Walsh and her ex boyfriend was sooooooooooooo stupid.... who in their right mind would keep helping him..... i can see 2 times... but she kept goingn..... im glad that story line killed off him
Seriously someone needs to kill Dana Walsh real quick... she is getting so annoying.
Da Rossa
24 is the best TV show ever made.
I'm still crying that it will come to an end. Sad
With Season 8 as the series finale, I'm hoping that the 24 movie would push through in the future. Smile
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