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My 2nd cover!

A while ago, I had my first cover shoot for a magazine (check the old thread here: and just recently I landed my 2nd cover - this time for JMAG with The Hilltop Hoods.

The idea behind the shoot was the Hilltop Hoods "breaking all conceived notions of the Aussie hip hop industry" by creating their own record label and at the same time releasing their "State of the Art" album.

A shoot was planned at Suffa's place in the hills (where else? lol!) and after meeting the band, their manager Dylan and Jenny (editor of jmag) we went into Suffa's studio and I set my lights up to get the shot. We initially had ideas of trying to incorporate a cool mural that a mate had painted on the wall of the studio, but the only way to get the angle was to have the guys laying on their back with crooked necks. We played around with a bunch of other ideas under Jenny's direction, then she took a step outside and let me loose with the guys and we got some pretty good shots that we were all happy with. I felt at ease with these guys for some reason. Leaving all fame aside for a minute, the Hilltop Hoods are three easy going guys from Adelaide ("that's what she said")

From Suffa's studio we went to Debris' house for a BBQ and the opportunity for me to shoot some more chilled shots of the guys. A bunch of other bands had rocked up for the night, the Funkoars, Briggs, M-Phazes and Pharoahe Monch and I set up my two speedlites, had a few beers and got some great candid shots to be used within the feature.

Once all the images were back at jmag a better idea of having the guys actually physically breaking vinyl records was put to the table. We would have to reshoot obviously. The guys loved the idea, I was asked to source some sketchy old records as there was no way the guys were snapping any in their collection! A shoot was booked in for my studio using the white seamless background.

Snapping vinyl is pretty hard! Capturing the exact moment it snaps is also pretty damn hard! This time I was alone with the guys to shoot and direct as Jenny couldn't make it from Melb and neither could Dylan, so we got into my studio, did the shots and were out in 1/2 an hour, happy we had a cover shot in the mix.

The Hoods were due to play Groovin' the Moo that night in Townsville and had a couple of hours to kill before their flight, so I suggested lunch at The Strand. I introduced them to the Salt n Pepper squid and the Strand found a new fan! We ate, had a few drinks then I dropped them at the airport and went home to process/upload the pics.

A month later jmag hit the shelves. The shot chosen for the cover is easily the best of the shoot and everyone (myself included) was stoked on the final product!

I found working with the Hilltop Hoods to be a breeze; they are professional yet casual, leaving loads of time for jokes, jabs and taunts. This sits well with me and consequently I struck a rapor with the guys. Another two shoots (Rip It Up & Onion) are planned and Dylan has asked me to come shoot their show at the Thebby in August. I think the Hilltop Hoods have just found another new fan!




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