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Have a question relating a relationship!

I have been through rough times at decent relationships, and when I go talk to some girls about how I feel about them, or how I feel about other girls I've been with, She goes beserek and we no longer are together, as for me. I have been through 2 relationships, 1 19 year old, and 1 16 year old, I have stayed with the 19 year old for about 2-3 years, and than it just faded away, as for I would of never thought of seeing her again, than when I did. I was surprised at that. and the 16 year old, she didn't really care expect how she felt, the other one felt better because we both talked about each other, than we stopped talking to each other because we moved in different directions.

So what would you do to resolve a relationship between emotions?
Because I would love to know.
My experience has always been that the more introspective one gets about relationships by trying to discuss, analyse and sort them out, the worse it gets. We cannot control other people's actions towards us, the only part we can control is our own reaction. I am still mystified about the actions of people, but I tend not to ask as many questions as I did before, and although not always successful, accept that people act in strange ways and I do not have to understand why. It also does not have to define who I am either, people are different and one just has to move on until you find the right people that you feel OK with.
I do feel okay with the girl I am with, but we love each other alot and have a strong relationship, but the only problem with that is, It's over online, and it's a long distance relationship.

I don't know if it's going to work out though, but anyways, Shes 13 and i'm 19. But as I said before, we have strong feelings for each other, and we care about each other alot.
To connect emotionally you must have good chemistry. As long as you have good chemistry it should be easy to connect emotionally. Relashionships are hard but you have to work on them. As long as you talk to each other and are honest with each other it should work out. If your not emotionally connected than it wont work either. But just keep trying im sure you will find the right person for you and when you do you will know it.
I hope that is true, but being a single parent / teenager is more likely gonna happen to me because.. I cannot control my emotions when I need to, They just release and I end up saying something I shouldn't of, and it's really stupid..

How does one control emotions when they are hurt or get into breaking up a relationship when they really care about someone, and they date again, or go out with another girl and he/she doesn't listen to you when you are talking with them on how you feel?
You can try anger management sessions from professionals or look for someone older or more experienced in relationships to give you advice. Basically, I would suggest improving on your ability to manage your emotions. That will help in your relationship in the long term.
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