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what is better a xbox 360 or a ps3

i have to admit i have a xbox 360 , and thats mostly because i think its better value for money even though ps3's already have a wireles internet connecter and controllers without batteries (xbox 360 when you first get it it has batteries in the controller)
xbox 360's controllers are much cheaper than the ps3's because i have seen the in gamestation for 17.90.

xbox 360 and ps3 are equally in different ways im voting for the xbox 360 but that is becausse i have one.

which one do you vote for?
There is already a topic like this, located here.
I have played game xbox 360.It game is really great.I like the music of this game.I have played this game online.Its games is better then Ps 3....
I love this gadgets both You see, Titanius, I’m not mentally deficient, because there are people like yourself out there who think that the 360 is very inferior to the PS3 when it really acts the same as the PS3.

Plus as for their exclusives, you can give someone the same development time & money & those graphics will come out to look EXACTLY the same as the PS3 version. Plus their exclusives can automatically look better on PC as well. And not everyone owns a good gaming PC. Plus games like Crysis easily wipes out their exclusives any day of the week.

Plus people like you honestly think that compression for FFXIII is automatically awful when it really isn’t, as there’s absolutely no difference unless you own yourself a really, nice big audio theater or something. Microsoft has good compression techniques when it comes to that. So don’t go acting like “LOL, the 360 version has lossless audio & compression, therefore, the PS3′s automatically better!” It’s only MARGINALLY better, not like Bayonetta better.

Plus all Blu-Ray does is give you more space, NOT more quality in graphics. Just because it works for movies, DOESN’T mean that it’ll work the same way in games. What can we expect?
Hardware wise, PS3 out beats the Xbox360. Personally, I enjoy PS3 over the Xbox but they are both solid consoles. But some key features from the PS3 you may enjoy is the Blu Ray player support as well as not having to pay a fee to play online games compared to the Xbox Live.
ps3 is better,I guess..hehe
Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are the same in my opinion. They both have their pros and their cons and both have an equal community of gamers. You can't really say that one is better than the other since it's all biased opinions.
I'd go for the PlayStation 3. Smile
PS3 for the win, the WII was taken over by health fanatics.. Sad sadly Laughing
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention to just get a baller gaming PC instead. :]
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