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i work on a horse farm and wanted to see if anyone else out there was associated with a farm.
Not yet! I'm working to get my own farm. Smile
When I will be 50+ I intend to leave the city and go and start a farm (close to the city Smile )
i wish you luck with that. I Intend to do the same eventually...wont be for a while like your saying but i hope it happens some day
When I was young my grandfather had a farm, it was amazing.
He was getting up at 4 A.M every morning to feed up all his animals and get some milk from the cows.
Sure, it was a lot of job to do but I think it was worth it, he was ''living'' with a lot of animals.
This era was amazing.
go for it, man! i have stayed in rural areas where farming is the predominant activity in the region..and it is always humbling how happy even farmers in poor countries are...i think humans need to be closer to the earth, to heal us...Smile
That's fantastic. My parents have a small subsistence farm. We've got goats, horses, doves, chickens, and about a 1.5 acre garden with fruit trees and all. It's even a lot of work, I can't imagine how much work a real farm must be. I give farmers total props. It's so much fun though working the land and surviving off of it. So few people get to experience it and truly realize what it takes to put food on the table.
My grandfather is associated with firms. When we go in village at weekend, I help him in his work. We don't have any horse. We mainly firm corps. We also have many cows and chicken. Some days ago we planted many fruit trees. These trees will start giving us good money after 3-4 years.
I have a friend who works at a farm. Sometimes I go with him to help him a bit. I really enjoy it then, but I think I wont keep it out if I had to do it weekly or even every day.
What's a horse farm? I thought raising livestock was done on a ranch, and crops are grown on a farm. The country folk I know are very picky about that. Like calling a ship a boat and visa-versa will upset some.
I don't really want to start a farm, but I think they are really great, you get to spend time with the animals, too! Good luck and remember to follow your dreams!!!

What is a farm . . . by Bluedoll

I used to own but not anymore a hobby farm. What the heck is a hobby farm? There is definitely a farming/rural/cottage country culture with its own language. Fact is I didn’t know what to call it. Didn’t want to call it animal and crop launching platform o.s.

A city slicker, I learned that raising some foul and garden marketing veggies on four acres was not as easy as it sounds but it sure was rewarding.

The experience made my definition of a farm as a place where you raise and grow things and you give more back in than what you take out. Everything else is a factory.


*God you got to love all the pretty horses*
I wish I could do the best!
We just bought some land in the south /midwest US. We are building a cottage and starting a small farm. I grew up around farms all my life. I can even make pretty clean corners with a combine. I miss the rural life terribly. My husband has lived on the east coast in cities his whole life, so this will be quite an experience for him. I can`t wait to sit on my porch and watch some guineas commit suicide. ( You have to know quineas to get that) Laughing
We hope to be there and set up to get through the winter by mid october. I have been in the city now for 3 years and that is more than enough for me. I will miss the ocean a bit, as I can walk to the beach from my house. But it will all be well worth it. I am ready for the ozarks and country living. Very Happy
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