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Do you like basketball?

Do you like basketball ? and explain your reason please!^-^
i play basketball with the handicapped guy down the street and i love it...its a fun game and you really cant get pissed even if you suck..he kicks my ass but i still laugh
Though I'm really tall and generally a sporty person I don't play basketball very often... Why? Perhaps there aren't so many people around who play...
I played in junior high and high school, until I blew my knee out and had to have surgery. Now I play every once in a while, but I am getting a little old (and slow!). I LOVE watching college basketball; pro, not so much.
Well i like basketball, it is the best game if u ask me! I've been playing it for almost 7 years and will play more! Love watching it too! Loved playing for my school Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy <3
There are heaps of similar topics or practically the same like this. i created one like this a couple of months ago. but yea that's months. meh. yea i like basketball a lot because it's fun and it'ss the best sport. i could keep on going but i can't be bothered right now. ha
I - totally - hate - it. Maybe because I suck bigtime at it, but you can't push anyone around, be rough, ... Thats also a reason why I hate it.
Basketball is a really good sport, gives you a good workout and toughens you up. I used to play basketball back in High School during breaks and also during PE classes. Havent played it in years though but I enjoy watching the NBA playoffs though. Not too much a fan of college bball though.
I used to play it very often about 5-7 years ago. I quite enjoyed it and actually wasn't that bad at it. But then, I just got bored. Today, I really can't stand it, it may very well be my least favorite sport. (Probably not, but nothing worse is coming to me Razz ). I just don't enjoy it at all anymore.
I used to play it very often about 5-7 years ago. I quite enjoyed it and actually wasn't that bad at it. But then, I just got bored. Today, I really can't stand it, it may very well be my least favorite sport. (Probably not, but nothing worse is coming to me Razz ). I just don't enjoy it at all anymore.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post, somehow it went through twice.
playing it is a lot of fun, but i'm really not a big fan of watching it. like everyone else, i like when march madness rolls around; but i cannot stand watching the nba or even the playoffs.
i like to play basketball with my cousins....its not only for fun but also a good workout as well...
Basketball is like the only sport I like and watch. I play it to! Fun sport!
Yes, basketball is awesome and can be played nearly anytime, as it is not weather dependant.

I've been playing for around 7 years now and I've never really lost interest Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
basketball is the best sport on earth. i play itlike 5 times a week. not only is it that awesome but people can get pretty good at it in like a days. i good enough at it to rip people when its 4on 1. i havent tried 5 on 1 yet. everyone i recommend this sport for you guys.
I play bball for school and for a club and it's the best sport in the universe. I enjoy it because I like to win and also because open in it...I dunno if I can own u guys but I can my team can own ass!!!
Eh, I think it's one of those games that I'd like a good deal - if I was better at it. At the moment, it's good for just playing around, but nothing more than that.
i wanna play rugby man Smile or basebal but im in turkey and i couldnt find a rugby ball:(
I enjoy playing basketball but will not watch the overpaid so called "pros".
I used to play Basketball a lot when I was in elementary school. Never particularly good at it, but had a great time playing! We would play during every recess, and at lunch. Though now many many years later, I haven't touched a basketball... I would be terrified to see my result.
Suddenly I was ordered to be a basketball to children of aged 12-15, though I had no experience myself.
I learned. bought 20-30 books and coaching videotapes... Even a camcorder to film the games of my team, and watched later at home, because their movements were too fast to judge for me as a layman.
Also I started to act as referee in unofficial games. Needed to run a lot with energetic teenagers...It lasted several years. My private life was dedicated completely.

I was a crazy! I could call Days of nightmare now.
I like this sport very much.But I dont't play it because my physical constitution is poor.
I often watch NBA and it's wonderful.
I like basketball. I just got into it recently because my friend always brings a basketball to Saturday School. But i don't watch NBA or anything associated to that because i don't have cable Sad .
I like to play basketball at times and I played it a lot when I was younger, but then it got too boring or I started to not play as much and I started to suck. Now I mostly stick to baseball, which is a lot more fun for me, and more interesting since the world series is around the corner. Basketball is cool too, it's a very intense sport based on a lot of skill. I wish I could play it much better than I wanted to.[/img]
i played it for two years and it was great fun Very Happy
sadly the team stopped palyin and so i moved on and stopped playin basketball
we used to get SUBWAY every night after the game mmmmmmmmm soo nice Razz
anyway, yea basketball is a great game and loads of fun to play
I hate it... any sport where goaltending is a foul has to be wrong.

Personally I enjoys sports where there is a reasonably balance of offence and defence, in basketball there seems to be TOO MUCH offense... How can 100-101 be a real score

at first it was only because of my sisters' influence. they both love the sport very much and they got me into it. then I played it in high school and absolutely enjoyed it! I'm not much into it anymore now, though.
i played heaps of basketball when i was younger, but my knees are shot now (i think from all the jumping on the hard wood floors)
i used to play every day..good way to get out anger without blowing up at somebody...and its a great way to kill time when theres nothing else to do
yeah i do like basketball why
coz here in our country basketball is the number 1 sports
and chicks love basketball player
thats why i joined the varsity team Very Happy
Although I am very tall (and friends suggest that I should play it) I don't play Basketball. Rather, I didn't learn to play it well while I was younger. But I play it when I nothing else to play because..well, shooting balls through hoops is fun right? Cool
i like basketball because my boyfreind is a good player
I love basketball, my favourite team is the L.A Lakers, it is a cool team, been rooting for the team for a while.
Eh, enough to play it when it's being played with others. Or if I'm around a court and someone's left a ball, enough to start playing around a bit.

Actually, to be honest, I'm struggling to remember the last time I was anywhere near a basketball court. That's kind of scary.
well i didnt really like basketball at first, but I started to play when I was in high school with the goal of adding a few inches to my height. But so far it hasnt really helped me in growing taller, although it did give me a much increased vertical jump.
Although this was my original reason for playing basketball, I have gotten to enjoy it very much, and now I follow all the NBA games, the all stars and etc.
I even shoot a few hoops everyday at home Very Happy
do any of you know how basketball players get tall, or do they use some chemical to make them tall?
king17 wrote:
do any of you know how basketball players get tall, or do they use some chemical to make them tall?

They aren't tall because they play basketball; they play basketball because they're tall.
I'm not a big fan of basketball. I find it very repetitive, but of course it's more fun to play. To me thought it doesn't have the excitement that sports like soccer do. I didn't grow up playing basketball.
of course, for no reason just because it is a healthy sport la!
WATCHIN and playing basketball is fun

i play basketball because i m a very athletic person. I've won several awards during my Athletic Banquet and i consider basketball as one of the greatest sport as every person on the court has to hustle and give their best either ur playin street ball or indoor!!

My favorite team in NBA is Cavs and ofcourse my favorite player is LeBron James (23)
one of the other reason i like it is cuz my girlfriend lovesss basketball too and she gets so excited and also anticipates me while i play!! Smile so thats the other reason too Razz
is very good.
exercise the body and helps teamwork and self control.
basketball is one of my favourite sports.
not that much, I prefer football.
Don't really like basketball, I don't know why but I always feel self-conscious when I play because my friends are all better than me at it. I think I look funny when I shoot the ball too. I would much prefer baseball, that seems like a less intense sport, but still a very teamwork based game and fun.
Basketball is my best game. I really love playing and watching it. It's very entertaining.
Watching NO! Playing yes! If you are playing with a group that plays like a team, then it is fun exercise.
basketball did not attract much attention, is very repetitive to me or something, I prefer football though the latter do not like both xD
I really like basketball, but I'm not really that good at it. Instead, I just like watching people play now. I've tried playing it when I was much younger, but then I realize that I was just embarrassing myself and my team, so I just stopped. It's still a fun sport to keep up with, but I'm sad that I will never be able to play it well, even with a lot of practice.
i like basketball but i cant play well.Sad
but i m really enjoy basketball match especially nba:)
in my opinion, basketball is more excited than football because there is a lot of football match that hasnt any goal but every basketball match has a lot of basket:)
I use to love playing basketball! But these days I don't really have time do to that with work commitments.

I enjoy watching it as well, particularly NCAA basketball.. I like rivalries that don't seem to exist in the NBA!
I love basketball been playing since I was a kid in school, still go down to our community gym and play with who ever is there.
I dont much. Sports have become more for the exercise now max Crying or Very sad Its not my kind of game, may be. I do like seeing those guys with the basket balls and doing all those.
I played sometimes but I don't like to watch it on TV
I don't like it
I like basketball, but somtimes it can get boring. All you do is go back and forth with a ball trying to put in a basket.....
I don't like it ,I like football.No reason,just like.
Eu não sei jogar basketbal
I do not know how to play Basketbal
Yes i love it!
It's so complex and nice to look.
i like basketball but because i am a girl so i am didn't play it ofen. at home , i often play it with my brother. maybe because my brother like to play so i like too. my brother is very good at it. and he often teach some tips too.
I'm tall and I play basketball, I made the highschool team and yeah I love it!
I liked it... I played a lot before, Now, not I don't practice sports right now :l
Yes, it's my favorite. Because I like Michael Jordan.
yes, i do like is not just a hobby but it is good for the body, and health as well....
I like this game (:
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