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Knights of the Old Republic

I recently watched Star Wars for the first time (yes), and this game has been recommended to me by a friend. KotOR is a Star Wars RPG on the original Xbox. There are so many things to do, like customized your own lightsabers, choosing the light side from the dark side (whichever one fits you), go through a Jedi academy, etc.

Has anyone played this before? Please, give your thoughts without any spoilers, because I'm super hyped right now Very Happy
It's also a PC game.

It's a pretty solid Star Wars RPG, with a fair bit of freedom of action/choice in the story. All in all, the plot it pretty straight forward, but you can approach how you go about it with some freedom, choosing when you go certain places, and what you do while you're there. It's based on the Wizards of the Coast d20 table top RPG system for its leveling, feat, class and skills setup, which is kinda nice; it works for the game.

The graphics aren't spectacular, but they also don't need to be. The game play and character actions make up for it. I kinda like the semi-turn based format of the game.

Explore the galaxy, uncover some mysteries and rediscover the Force... have fun with the game.
I've played the PC version and I can tell that in the time I became addicted.
I love Star Wars and RPG games, so... Razz
The game it's interesting, it isn't perfect, it has its flaws but it's quiet playable.
You should try it Wink
I tried it last night, my friend let me borrow it. It's great. I'm only like an hour through the game though. I'm taking my time in it. I can't wait till I'm gonna play this next time (could be a few days). Sad
Great going, just take your time. Read the dialog. One of the biggest killers in this game is skipping text. The major puller here is the story, you don't want to miss out on it.
Lol last weekend I played 25 hours of it. Sad, I know, but it's great! I still didn't beat it though. As for text, yeah, I can't bear skipping it. I HAVE TO read it =D
Used to have an installer of this game for the PC. But my pc can't handle the system requirements to I didn't get to play it.
Now that I know all about KotOR, do you guys recommend KotOR 2? I heard that KotOR 1 was the better one, and that this one's made by another company.
KOTOR is a great game. I haven't played it in awhile, nor have I finished the game yet. But it is very intriguing to play. I've heard KOTOR2 is good, but the story falls flat towards the end.
Starrfoxx wrote:
I've heard KOTOR2 is good, but the story falls flat towards the end.

Pretty much. There are a few storylines that they start but never finished writing into the game, which is really frustrating. Game play is pretty good overall though.
Aye, there are a few attempts out there, mod-wise to fix plot holes and complete the story. Team Gizka's TSL restoration mod is a good one, albeit unfinished (and somewhat buggy, in the version i tried), and the M478 restoration mod is pretty slick. The droid planet M478 is awesome, and it's a damn shame they took it out of the game.
A... A droid planet? Droids have planets? :O
Bookmarking the site, but seriously, it sucks that this was cut out from the game; I won't be playing this on the PC but on the Xbox, so I'll be missing out on a lot.. Sad
And this planet it's available on the PC version?
I don't remember it and as far as I understood, it has been ripped of the game...
I like Kotor Smile
Its also for PC
Me and my friend like to play against the people at the arena, and get better weapons
Kotor FTW Very Happy
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