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Detroit Red Wings hold on to title...

There's tough and then there's detroit tough! Detroit take Western Conference title in game five even with several members missing due to injuries. Wings claim cup over Blackhawks in overtime score of 2-1.

Yes, it's rematch time in the Stanley Cup Final, as the Detroit Red Wings look to become the first back-to-back winner in 11 years, while the Pittsburgh Penguins want revenge for last year's loss to the Wings.

By any estimation, this is a battle of the NHL's titans, who have survived the grueling marathon through both the regular season and three rounds of playoffs.

The Red Wings defeated Columbus, Anaheim and Chicago to take a place on hockey's center stage, while the Penguins ousted Philadelphia, Washington and Carolina to reclaim Eastern supremacy.

The Final spotlight will shine brightly on the Penguins' Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, two young superstars who have been dominant during the postseason. Both are tied for the League lead with 28 points and Crosby holds the edge in goals, 14-12.

Not to be outdone are the Red Wings, sporting goalie Chris Osgood and his stingy 2.06 goals-against average and 12 wins.

One of the great sidelights to this series is Marian Hossa, who played with the Penguins in the 2008 Final and then signed with the Red Wings. He now takes on his former teammates looking for his first Stanley Cup.

So, settle back and enjoy. This is gonna be a doozy.

Play Free Press cartoonist Mike Thompson's Smack a Penguin game in honor of the Red Wings' trip to the Stanley Cup Finals...

Need to work off some aggression before and during the Stanley Cup Finals? Simply use your mouse and click away to put those pesky Pittsburgh Penguins on ice.

Feel free to post and share your best scores.

Let the games begin.
Three games down, and home teams still holding serve.... although its been a little close at times.

I'm rooting for Pittsburgh, but so far Osgood has been better than Fleury which has been difference maker.

However, the Detroit penalty kill looked a little shaky on Tuesday night (and they are 14th of 16 in the playoffs) - so they need to stay out of the box.

Tonight's game will be the difference maker.... if Pittsburgh win... then its a best of three series... and they "only" need to win one game in Detroit... but if Detroit win... they'll lead 3-1, which would leave the Pens needing 3 consecutive wins... two of them in Detroit... which is very unlikely...

Lets hope it goes to a classic seven games...

Wow.... so it goes to seven games... home teams winning every game... Detroit at home have to be favourite....

However, the deciding stat appeared to be that Pittsburgh have never lost a game 7 on the road.

So, despite the second period injury to Sidney Crosby, Maxime Talbot comes up big to give the Pens a two goal lead... which was enough to see them home .... despite the Wings third period comeback... and finished off with Fleury's last second body save from Lidstrom.

Therefore... the tables are turned.... Will next year be the third round of the Pens v Wings series?

Can't wait until it all starts again in October...

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