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help.. home remedies for insomnia..

I have difficulties when I'm about to sleep at night. I tried to sleep as early as 10pm but whenever I'm at bed, I cannot sleep anymore. I don't want to take sleeping pills, because there are rumors that it's not good for the body haha. Can someone suggest the home remedies for insomnia? Thanks!
Eat your supper early, not later than 7:00 p.m. and keep it light and in balance, including both protein and carbohydrates in moderation. Before bed time take a warm glass of milk and cookie. Smile
A few things I will do if I cannot sleep are:

* simply relax (and don't think about "%^*^$#@ where's that slumber")
* take peaceful & deep breath a lot (but don't overdo)
* try to not think about anything (which is difficult), or
* focus your mind on your breathing or clock ticks or whatever so you do not think of anything, or
* focus your mind on peaceful and soothing sceneries, or
* do the complete opposite of thinking wildly about many things, but switch to other thinking/idea in 2 - 3 seconds (to avoid "so engaged in an idea that you cannot sleep" - saving the world can wait till tomorrow). Promotes "brain tiredness" (I heard it's a natural thinking pattern before sleep)

Items 2, 3, 4, and 5 are actually basics of meditation or so, from what I can draw from my limited knowledge... seems to help me around > 50% of the time I cannot sleep.
leontius wrote:
A few things I will do if I cannot sleep are:

* simply relax (and don't think about "%^*^$#@ where's that slumber")
Good one. One I learned and that worked was to focus on relaxing all the body parts starting with the toes. Focus on the toes, wiggle them, etc. then work up to feet, focus on ankles, calves, legs, etc, then moving up the torso, the head, eye lids etc. Eventually I found if I did it with focus and concentration that I would be asleep even before I got to my head Smile
Start dimming the lights before you go to sleep and don't do anything that will stimulate your brain, so get off the computer and stop watching tv early. Drink some chamomile tea or other non caffeinated teas to help you relax. Then do some light stretches and some breathing exercises to help your body and mind relax even further.

Another option is to workout during the day. Doing some type of workout will number one, help relief stress to help remove tension thats has built up before you sleep. And number too, working out, will tire you out making you fall asleep easier. I have noticed when I do work out I end up sleeping earlier and I have better, uninterrupted sleep.
I had the same problem as you. I simply cannot sleep when I stay on the computer right before I get to sleep. I tried getting of the computer early, and it worked.

Don't do anything intense the hour before you go to bed. Don't eat anything after two hours that you go to bed. Not even any snacks or something. Don't watch TV or even worse, play games on the computer (that what I do Razz). You should go read a book instead.

You might also be stressed too much because of school/work? I sleep a lot better in the vacation than during the exams...
isnt it masturbation? or have I been basing too much of my life around Seinfeld?
in order to fall asleep i drink a glass of water and smoke a bowl
I know you don't like pills. Neither do I. I worked rotating shift work for years and sometimes when changing shifts I needed som help sleeping. I found melatonin works for just a couple of days. Just long enough to get used to a new shift. After that it basicly stops working. So you can't really get hooked on it. It doesn't work like that. It is a natural substance. But, it is in a pill form.
Rub one out.

I am dead serious.
This is the single best thing you can do to get some good relaxing sleep.
Some of you might be asking, "Why not have sex instead of masturbating?"
To which I reply, "Because that requires alot of talking afterward... or paying."
True, it raises your heart rate for a short time. But when you are done, you will relax very quickly, and your mind will be calm as well.

So take matters into your own hands(literally), and you will sleep like a baby.
I reckon excercise and a well balanced diet is all you need for a good nights sleep. You might have too much excess energy, so you caan try burn it off by excercising a it. You can just go for a small jog around the block everyday. Also drink a cup of milk and eat a banana before you go to bed, they're great for people who suffer from lack of sleep Smile
My papa was very happy when he'd got fever, coz he was able to sleep well!
He usually has big difficulty in sleeping. When I am out from my room at odd times, like mid night or early morning, often find TV is on and he's watching it.

Sorry, it isn't what you want to know. However, you could look forward to such an occasion. Maybe you will enjoy your illness a bit.
One of the amazing remedies for insomnia, I came across is the jelly made of a natural product. You rub it on the both eyelids and you will get a sound sleep in a small time.
Take herbs such as valerian.
Benadryl. Nah, but that's still a medication.
A warm bath does good.
One thing I try to do to fall asleep, is take a 15 - 30 minute walk, before sleeping.
Another thing I try to do is read a book, or the newspaper.
Another thing you can try is keep a collection of really boring movies, and watch them to try to sleep.
Keep the noise level down. Too much noise—loud outside conversations, televisions blaring, music, traffic—can make it difficult to sleep well. If outside noise can’t be blocked, try masking it with a fan, white noise, or recordings of soothing sounds. Earplugs may also help.
Keep your room dark during sleep hours. When it’s time to sleep, make sure that your environment is dark. Even dim lights—especially those from TV or computer screens—can confuse the body clock. Heavy shades can help block light from windows, or you can try an eye mask to cover your eyes.
Room temperature and ventilation. If you can, experiment with the room temperature. Most people sleep best in a slightly cooler room with adequate ventilation. Check your windows and doors to make sure that drafts are not interfering with sleep.
Reserve your bed for sleeping. If you associate your bed with events like work or errands, it will only make it harder to wind down at night.
lots of booze... that should knock you out for a good few hours Twisted Evil
i rarely have that kind of problem. its my sister who has that kind of problem and what i see her do is try as much as possible to relax on the bed. she eats early and makes sure she does not get involved in something exciting that will keep her awake for a long time. so far so good she has been managing its good.
Rolls with poppy seeds and milk before bed.Makes me very sleepy.
Chamomille tea or few drops of lavande essential oil do work for me. Try not to drink coffee or tea late in the afternoon, no coca cola or foods containing C vitamin ( strawberries, oranges, etc.) in the afternoon.
thanks for advice
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